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Specialist in Sports Nutrition from ISSA CPR/AED from Bhubaneswar Capital Hospital

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29 Mar 2022

Dev is that coach who focuses on your health, more than the number on the scale. He is very knowledgeable and will answer every question with details so you understand and follow. His focus is on keeping the diet sustainable for life. Thank you Dev for always listening and incorporating all my favorite foods, that it didn't feel like a diet anymore. I lost inches and weight eating all the foods I like but of course quantified. Glad to have had you as my coach, a coach who cares about improving the overall health and fitness of the person. Can't thank you enough !!

Sahil Sharma
17 Jul 2021

things work out for them who work out the things themselves..... DEV naam toh suna hi hoga... now this name will remain etched in my memory forever.... from the day 1 he was very sure about the plan he has designed for me..... whenever I was in doubt he was always there to help me out.. he made it clear on the first day itself that he is there to guide me scientifically and bring out the results rest everything else will fall in place... I did whatever dev told me to do.... if not 100℅ I managed to do 90℅....and slowly and slowly I started seeing some progress... whenever I deviated from my diet dev was there to find out the exact reason of why I deviated from the diet instead of just scolding... and guided me properly everytime... and here I am after 2 months 10 kgs lighter and 10 times more confident... thanks Dev for playing the role of my mentor ... I am and will always remain grateful to you..... in the end I will just say if you are really looking for the answers in fitness.... guys... DEV is the answer.....

05 Mar 2021

I really don't feel motivated or you can say I'm a big procastinator for working out. that was the sole reason for me to enrol with Dev. But now it is 4 days and he doesn't really follow up with me. I really would love if someone could just track his clients. As it is totally a new journey and 14000 is a big amount to pay just for diet which you could get by consulting a Dietician for Rs.500 only. I respect Dev but I don't think I can get along without updates/motivation.

seema siddiqui
01 Feb 2021

This has been a very sad experience for me. I would not recommend this coach if you are looking for someone to push you and be there for you. My entire reason for getting a personal coach was to have someone help me and motivate me to keep going because I struggled with consistency . Dev is great to listen to for the knowledge he shares but that’s about it. He doesn’t motivate or help you overcome your challenges. The workouts didn’t change for all of 3 months, the diet plan was average and it never allowed even a social meal which is hard to follow and not sustainable. After repeatedly telling him that I need the push and the follow ups with workouts , there wasn’t any prompt initiative and I was told to stick to the same workout. Did not change the workout even once in the 3 months that I subscribed. If I had known that I could change my coach after a month I would have. Experienced Loss of money with this programme.