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Dev Biswas


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Hey! I'm Dev Biswas, an ISSA certified Nutrition Coach with an experience of over 5 years in transforming lives of over 1000+ clients in all the age bands from 18, 25, 40 to 70, both men and women. I have been a part of S.Q.U.A.T.S (FITTR) squad since its inception and delivered tangibly great results. My area of forte is Sports Nutrition, Fat-Loss, Makeover, Transformation, Post-Pregnancy Weight loss and working with people with lifestyle diseases like diabetes. Physical and mental fitness play important roles in our lives. A person who is fit is capable of living life to its fullest extent. A regular fitness regime coupled with proper nutrition is the secret of a healthy lifestyle. With my education, expertise and versatile experience, I understand that goals and requirements vary from individual to individual. The needs of well-being of an 18 year old teenager is different from a 35 year old person, who is different from someone at 70. I have transformed lives of women and men who were clinically obese or even skinny, diabetic or athletic, hypertensive or hypothyroid sufferer, PCOD sufferers to fit individuals who are now proud of themselves with volumes of confidence in them. I have also helped experienced athletes tap their untapped potential. I help my clients achieve outstanding results by applying the trick that works - the right knowledge of science of food and exercise in their daily life, that's it. No magic pills, no magic workout. If you want to transform your life, then connect with me and let me work the magic on you and create a new "YOU". You can contact me on Facebook or Instagram using the social media buttons on my profile here. Take care. Welcome to a new world, your world of the Perfect version of You! Country of Domicile - Canada... Show more


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Specialist in Sports Nutrition from ISSA CPR/AED from Bhubaneswar Capital Hospital