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21 Sep 2023

I have enrolled with Deepika for 12 weeks. she is very good at encouraging me to reduce the weight. I am very much satisfied with the service she provided .By reducing the weight i saw the difference in my energy levels which has increased

Tushi Kaul
20 Sep 2023

My fitness journey with Deepika has been going amazing so far. I really like her persistent nature, where she has been very motivating & provides really good examples to keep one going. I have lost around 11kgs so far with her support and am confident that I will be able to reach my goal with her continued support and motivation. She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to person & has a keen attitude which makes client feel that she really cares for them. I can’t wait for my transformation journey with her. πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜Š

Sasirekaa Kulandasamy
19 Sep 2023

My fitness journey with Deepika was amazing with lots of learning towards the lifestyle change to reduce weight and maintain the ideal weight. I started my journey with her after 10 months postpartum . She guided me thru right nutrition and workout plans , I was able to reduce pregnancy weight and gain strength. I used to struggle with loss of breath but now I have improved my strength to lift more weights than I ever did and I have more energy to spend with my toddler. Deepika did a regular follow-up on the meal , workout and steps updates which helped me to be on track. She was always available for any questions and took time to explain them in detail. She provided some wonderful ideas for meal prep and how to plan ahead to be on track on the meals. Deepika is an amazing coach to work with and she is devoted to help others to achieve fitness goals. I would highly recommend her for anyone want to take on fitness journey. Thank you Deepika for all your support in my fitness journey .

13 Sep 2023

A 24 week journey with an amazing coach Deepika jain starting at 85 and lossing 9 kgs in 20 weeks she is very supportive and good motivator i am very happy by choosing u as a coach and my journey continues with u Deepika Thank u very much for ur support and inspiration