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Pradeep Kumar
03 Jun 2023

A 24 week journey with an amazing coach Deepika. Starting at 91kg and losing 14kgs, lot of inches, lot of learning. All these things were possible when you have a very knowledgeable coach/mentor….. Deepika is definitely one and more. She is an amazing mentor/coach, motivator, guide and a friend. I had few trips, couple of family functions during the period, lot of urges for nuts and fry fruits. Deepika not only explained how to handle these situations also she helped in overcoming them. I must say it’s best decision to choose her as coach, I highly recommend her.

Swetha Pentapati
04 May 2023

Deepika is amazing coach. She was very patient and helped me understand how diet and exercise work in weight loss and keep us healthy. After 3 months of training, I feel younger, energetic, beautiful!

01 May 2023

I have been joined to Fittr since January and choosed Deepika as my coach.She is really Good and she motivates me alot. I have lost upto 7-8 kgs till now(from 87.1 to 79.8kgs down), this is all bcoz of very gud guidance from Deepika and my lifestyle has been changed drastically, I came to know about which food if healthier and which is not, I have seen many up's and down's in this weight loss journey bcoz of some health issues and all, but still deepika handled it very well and made me stand again to follow the lifestyle. I am very happy to say that I have chosed Deepika as my coach, she used to give me best diet regarding my tastes nd preferences and also she can understand very well about us and will support in any situations and motivates very proper way. I felt like I am talking with my friend not like a coach. Really I am very much happy with my transformation journey and still more to go and lose want to loose my weight and to be on good lifestyle. Thank you so much Deepika for all this support and changing our lifestyle through u r best guidance. I will definitely suggest to chose Deepika to others who are looking for a best dietician..Still more to go with u Deepika✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️. Once again Thanks alot for being with us and making our lifestyle so special.

Suchismita Mishra
27 Apr 2023

I want to take this moment to thank Deepika for giving me hopes that transforming is possible and not that hard . The best mentor and candid with her inputs. I have now started living a lifestyle much healthier and better than ever. Every chat with Deepika gives me a perspective , I didn’t know I needed. Just few months into the journey , I was able to achieve my biggest goal along with significant weight loss. Most importantly, Deepika is not just a mentor , but more like a friend or sister who I would reach out to for any health related questions. She has the best answers to everything. From XXL to almost M , was smooooth . Thank you Deepika 💗