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Arpan Singh
16 Feb 2023

Enrolled for the 2nd time under Dara sir. Excellent mentor. Helped me clear my basics and kept me motivated throughout my weight loss journey. Thank you for your guidance and help!

Aashish Sharma
08 Aug 2021

dara sir, i have known you since 2009.. only regret i have is why i did not seek your help earlier.. under your mentorship i have really been adapted to healthy lifestyle.. from being chain smoker to fitness addiction is greatest achievement for me.. since time i started fitness journey under you i have not picked up single cigrette. from 86.6 to 74 is just number but you have made huge impact on me.. A Big thank you

Swati Malik
24 May 2021

One of the Best decision of my life was to enroll under him... Highly knowledgeable and believes in no short cuts... He busted my myth of possessing with just weight ...which is just a number that keep fluctuating,ur overall progress matters..if one week my wt dont budge i gt demotivated but after next week when i see my progress ..frst thing came to my mind , like alwz he is right as consistency is the key. With my journey i can say experience of coach do matters as he was successful in making it a lifestyle fr me instead of starving on low cals,he made me realise importance of losing weight with high calories,improving NEAT n included my favourite food in diet as in long run its only sustainable. My frnds used to joke that i m really on diet as i was eating most f my fav food items ,he makes such flexible diet plan. Highly supportive, alwz encouraging n pushed me to work on my genuine excuses and find the way out ,which i did under his guidance .Talking to him on phone alwz relaxed me n improved my progress. Just wanna say million thanks fr ur experience n knowledge n for making it a lifestyle for me..lots f best wishes n respect fr u :)

Sandeep Kumar Mandal
25 Mar 2021

Coach Dara Singh ji, I am so glad I started my fitness journey under your mentor ship. You set very real expectations with me on our first call. I lost 5 kgs and came down from 256 inches to 249 inches within 12 weeks. The real learning for me was learning the importance of creating some real healthy habits around eating and sleeping which are a must for a fit body that also looks healthy. Your approach to me was giving me information and guidance and then letting me take ownership for it (really appreciate it) Also appreciate your guidance on building the right attitude and mindset in becoming fit. I was too over ambitious and you never hesitated from breaking the myths that I was carrying. I cannot thank you enough because these 3 months have changed me so much and I feel great about where I have come. We will very soon cover the distance of my next level transformation under your mentor ship. Thank you Coach! :))