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Nikita sharma
06 Sep 2023

My experience with Christina was amazing! I started my post partum weight loss journey with her and lost around 5 kgs in a month with visible inch loss. She is really understanding when it comes to any health issues or anything. I’m glad to have had her as a trainer.

Vanessa Soares
05 Sep 2023

I have been with Christina for 2 years, when I started off my focus was clear - to get healthy, fit and increase stamina. I was not too concerned about size or frame cause I did know that would be the by product of these goals. Christina is a brilliant coach, to an extent that my husband too joined in and has progressed tremendously with her. It was fun to get on this journey with my partner as she understood the challenges of a common kitchen, various different food habits and different abilities. Yet she structured our workouts in a manner where we could have fun and get results. She is persistent, committed and genuinely caring. She is extremely patient and had to deal with a lot of curve balls I threw her way. She was able to keep me motivated and grounded even during periods where health took a beating, or when I had to go through personal loss. She truly is able to encourage and imbibe lifestyle changes in a manner that make you conscious and enjoy outings without letting it impact progress. I have taken a 2 moth break from my routines to travel, and get back to her with full vigour. I highly recommend her as a coach. She helped me reach a phase where I could wear my bikini with ease!

Aroma Naz
24 Aug 2023

Christina is a magician in terms of motivating her clients. I would call myself a really stubborn person in regards of changing lifestyle, been enrolled in numerous weight loss programs previously, ended up always going back to my engraved eating and lifestyle habits until I discovered Christina through a friend, who had epic transformation under Christina command. Christina listens and understands and does her magic effortlessly in tuning you to make an effort for yourself and once you do that the results tells you that this is the way to go. If anything I want for life it is Christine, I wish there would have been a lifetime subscription for her I would be first in line. Thank you Chris for always being there for me.

Ujjwal karwani
26 Jun 2023

Sessions from Christina has been an amazing experience, she helped me break myths of strict dieting. I was not able to reduce even 100 gms however by following portion control as directed by her actually moved my weight 3 kgs down in two weeks itself . True professional coach full of knowledge and who has answers to your weight issues queries with logical reasoning . Thanks Christina