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Anushree Shrivastava
15 Sep 2022

chhavi has been an excellent coach in my fittr journey. she is very motivating and encouraging to keep you committed to your diet and exercise plans. she gave me a very flexible diet plan according to what I like and not like to eat, and how it's ok to sometimes take the guilty pleasures but know when to stop. i am a very exercise kind off a person, and going to a gym with a toddler at home is difficult to manage. chhavi gave me appropriate home exercises and also to help me with my back pain. i chose chhavi because she seems to be in the same journey with her fitness program as a new mother and i find her very relatable. it's easy to get in touch and communicate even when in leave in opposite ends of the globe. i had my ups and downs and felt that fittr is not my cup of tea, but she kept me motivated. and even after my fittr program has ended i have the confidence to ask her doubts and keep in touch. if you focus on how getting a fitter and overall healthy body i would definitely recommend Chhavi.

Ritika Gaur
22 Jun 2022

Chhavi has been true guide and motivator for me these past couple of years. Even though my journey was blighted by immense physical and mental trauma last year, working with her helped me focus on my goals. I had a huge loss in the family and a major leg surgery but her positive attitude and take on life has inspired me to move away from a place of darkness. As a fitness coach and mentor, following things in Chhavi have stood out for me: 1) She gives options for diet plan if need arises. She always has Replacements and suggestions for different scenarios 2) Discusses approaches and strategies to train mind in order to get aligned with goals. 3) Very prompt in clarifying doubts and coaching at every step of journey 4) Considerate of medical conditions and tailors workout plan around it 5) Keeps the client honest and provides feedback in terms of our strengths and weaknesses as she sees it.She also teaches us to be kind to our body and honour its limits All in all, a very decent human being and a great mentor to have. Has a very zen like aura and approach towards life. Would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!

21 Jun 2022

Chhavi is a friend, a guide and a mentor in the true sense! She makes you achieve what you believe is impossible for you! After enrolling with Chhavi, I learnt how to build habits, how to change your lifestyle, and what is the importance of consistency and perseverance! I believe she can look through me, read my mind to understand my hitches, and guide me in any situation where I feel stuck. She is warm, sophisticated and logical in everything she says.. and that's the reason you feel like following her advice with all your heart! I feel indebted to her for all she has taught me and in all she has led me to! Many thanks Chhavi..

12 Mar 2021

Chhavi was a great mentor and a very warm person. She explains everything neatly and makes you feel very comfortable.She is very patient in clearing all the doubts. She helped me with my weight loss and she made me to follow a healthy eating style. My sincere thanks to her.