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Hi, I am Chhavi. Nutrition and Fitness Consultant and Exercise Science Specialist certified by Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS). We have grown up hearing a simple advice - Exercise and Nutrition are vital for good health. But the methods appear complicated – Which exercise, How much? What to eat, How much? Millions of articles on Internet, in magazines, newspapers, social media and advice from network of people, does it help, or does it confuse you? It impacts you and often leads to a series of choices that show little or no results. That can be annoying. I have been through it. I began my career as a Chartered Accountant with Infosys (7 years), ran a popular bakery as a professional baker (5 years). Through this, despite best efforts to stay healthy, my weight went from 62 kgs to 80 kgs. At SQUATS and INFS, I found everything to understand exercise and nutrition. It was life changing. After my transformation, I am strong and in my best shape ever at 56 kgs. Lessons from my own transformation compelled me to be a full-time Fitness Coach. I understand hurdles one faces in leading a healthy lifestyle. Besides my certifications, I keenly follow works of respected authors, scientific advancements, practical application in the sphere of Fitness. As your mentor, I will simplify these health concepts for you, guide you with right food choices and demonstrate how to make it a habit. We will talk about nutrition - not dieting, about sustainable, optimum exercise plan - not aimless, tiring hours of physical exertion. Your plans will be tailored as per your goal, schedule, convenience. We will monitor progress and adapt as needed. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, a busy professional or someone taking a career- break to care for your family, or a senior looking to get fit in your silver years, I am equipped to help you. Let’s do this together.... Show more


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