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Sarika Chugh
29 Mar 2023

After following FITTR for some years I enrolled under coach Cheena Lalwani. She has been extremely supportive and accommodating throughout my journey. She kept track of even the minute things like daily intake of water, count of steps, and kept the diet chart in line with my preferred meals so I never starved. Her daily motivational quotes kept me encouraged and I was determined to achieve my goal. She has not only helped me transform, but also helped me get rid of so many myths by emphasizing the scientific importance of quantified nutrition & strength training.I lose 10kgs of weight under her guidance and lots of inches. As a mother, I feel extremely glad to have achieved this feat. It took me 1 year of hard work and persistence to reach here-I knew it's tough but I also knew it's not impossible.I highly recommend Cheena as she is one of the best coach.

Prachi Modi
14 Mar 2023

I have to start by putting it this way - Cheena has not just been a coach but also a friend. Everytime is felt lost and confused about my weight loss journey, she walked me through it with so much patience and the right guidance. She always had a solution and most importantly she encouraged me the right way. She was always flexible and approachable even at times when I was not. Although my programme with her is done for now, she has definitely given me a lifestyle that I can follow for the days to come, with a belief that she’ll still be there in case of any doubts. Thanks Cheena. So grateful for you.

Rahul Vaghela
17 Jan 2023

I joined Cheena post I had a brain stroke because of unhealthy lifestyle and blood markers completely haywire. I had a belief that one needs to leave food in order to lose fat but Cheena made sure to burst all the myths. She didn’t only help me to lose 14 kgs but made sure that everything gets better by giving her best advise and guidance. My cholesterol, BP, diabetes levels got in place. Thanks a lot, Cheena. For anyone looking for a coach who can help, push and motivate you is Cheena.

24 Dec 2022

An absolute wonderful coach! Cheena is very proactive and helps you focus and move towards your target, even on days when you don’t really believe in yourself! I have had ups and downs during my 12-week programme with a lot of weather-related sickness in between, but Cheena has always been there with tips, support, motivation and sometimes when you need it the most, words of encouragement. You can see that she is invested in you and your fitness. She has been flexible and always accommodating to my rather tight schedule, and has been very prompt in answering to questions and doubts. Her guides to eating healthy on vacations, her recipes are the cherry on top. And though my plan with her has ended for now, I know I can still go to her with any doubt that might arise in my fitness journey and she will be there to guide me through it. With Cheena, being fit is not a 12-week plan, it’s a way of life. It will transform how you look at yourself. Grateful for her, grateful for this platform!