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12 Aug 2023

I want to thank Cheena Lalwani for helping me through my weight loss journey. She is very supportive and accommodating. She ensures to integrate the individual needs and prepares the plan accordingly. One of the best coach fittr has. Thanks!

Indrani Das
13 Jul 2023

Starting weight:72 Current weight: 64.4 Program: 12weeks Post pregnancy i was suffering from major anger issues, depression, huge weight gain, hair loss, skin problems, back pain, literally zero energy to play with my child and the list goes on. At this point of my life one of my dear friend suggested me to speak with Cheena once. I took her advice and i can proudly say that was the best decision ever. After sharing all my issues with her she motivated me so much that I felt may be I can also do it, atleast i should give it a try. Thats when I started my journey. She made me understood the importance of simple home cooked meals, walking everyday and exercise. I did gained back my mental peace, i saw a massive change in my anger issues, major part is I did reached my pre pregnancy weight and able to wear my old clothes. I am grateful for all her support. She is super talented, knowledgeable and helpful. Always encouraged and motivated me. Made me learn that Consistency is the key. Thank you once again ❤️

Vinuta Mestry
18 Jun 2023

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional guidance and support you have provided me as my fitness coach. You have truly gone above and beyond your role, becoming not just a coach but a true friend who has been there for me during various stages of my life. From the very beginning, she has shown an unparalleled level of dedication and commitment to my well-being. Her expertise in fitness and her ability to tailor workouts to my specific needs has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. Her vast knowledge and understanding of different exercise techniques, nutrition, and overall wellness have been invaluable in guiding me toward a healthier lifestyle. But what truly sets her apart is her genuine care and concern for her clients. Beyond the physical aspects of fitness, she has consistently shown a deep interest in my overall well-being. Whether it was through encouraging words, lending an empathetic ear, or providing valuable advice, she has supported me not only in my fitness journey but also in navigating the challenges of life. Her positive and uplifting attitude has always been an inspiration even when I felt tired or discouraged. She has a unique ability to motivate and inspire, pushing me to surpass my limits while ensuring that I never feel overwhelmed. Her unwavering belief in my capabilities has instilled a newfound confidence in me, allowing me to tackle obstacles with a determined mindset. Thank you Cheena to transform me not only physically but mentally as well. One statement I will never forget from her is we all have 24 hours it depends on what we prioritize and what we want to prioritize.

Sarika Chugh
29 Mar 2023

After following FITTR for some years I enrolled under coach Cheena Lalwani. She has been extremely supportive and accommodating throughout my journey. She kept track of even the minute things like daily intake of water, count of steps, and kept the diet chart in line with my preferred meals so I never starved. Her daily motivational quotes kept me encouraged and I was determined to achieve my goal. She has not only helped me transform, but also helped me get rid of so many myths by emphasizing the scientific importance of quantified nutrition & strength training.I lose 10kgs of weight under her guidance and lots of inches. As a mother, I feel extremely glad to have achieved this feat. It took me 1 year of hard work and persistence to reach here-I knew it's tough but I also knew it's not impossible.I highly recommend Cheena as she is one of the best coach.