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04 Jul 2024

Coach Chandralekha was a great coach to work with. She understood my needs and designed a diet and workout plan for me. she would answer all my questions patiently and helped me understand the process. she kept me accountable but also assured me that it was OK to let things slip sometimes, and the key is to get back on track. she helped me be aggressive in my goals when I needed the push but also pivoted to a more sustainable approach when that was what I needed. I really really appreciate all she has done and would recommend her to anyone.

Guru Ramprakash
02 Jul 2024

Coach Chandralekha gave me the diet and exercise plan needed to lose the weight I needed. I dropped 7 kgs thanks to her, and I continue to drop in weight! All thanks to coach for accommodating my diet needs and my fitness goals. I couldn’t have done it without her!

Arti Anantharaman
02 Jul 2024

Coach Chandralekha has changed my life completely. I don’t have enough words to describe and appreciate how genuine she is and how she truly cares for my health (even more than I did!). Coach is inspiring, understanding, encouraging in all phases in my fitness journey. She has an extremely detailed and science-backed approach to health and well-being. She always tailors the fitness and nutrition plan to suit each individual based on their daily routine and food preferences. I have always found her to be very approachable and someone who will extend their hand out to lift me up when I have a setback. She is extremely kind, warm, and also helps me set goals which are realistic and achievable. I trust her completely and as a result, I have shed 12+ kg and dropped 11% body fat so far, despite many challenges to my routine. This is the result I credit completely to Coach. Thank you Coach and please keep pushing me to reach my target body composition 💪🏼

Arundeep Hunjan
01 Jun 2024

Just like many people out there, I also used to blame everything around me for my weight gain but when I pointed that finger on me, everything around me started making sense and I became healthier as a byproduct. No words of appreciation can express my gratitude towards my coach Chandralekha Bhagat in this ongoing journey. She taught me the importance of consistency, sustainability, self awareness, faith and above all PATIENCE. She taught me that the competition is actually with my own demons. It’s always ‘you against you’ and if I can only condition my own mind everyday with a ‘CAN DO’ attitude instead of focusing on the hurdles, that would help me become the best version of myself. Chanda also enlightened me with her knowledge about making the right choices of food which improved my overall mental health as well. I’m forever grateful to have you as my coach when I had hit the rock bottom in my life. God bless you 🙏