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Chinmayi Mahapatra
20 Sep 2023

Being mother of a toddler my lifestyle was very hectic and was not able to take a proper diet, which led to unhealthy weight loss with a lot of nutritional deficiencies and health issues.i felt extremely depressed from within as my health was not supporting me. I enrolled under Chandan, he gave me a proper balanced diet and easy workout which I could do at home. He made sure to understand my likes and dislikes and prepared diet chart for me accordingly. I could include a healthy balance diet which improved my health. i started to see the positive change in me just within 2 months both physically and mentally. I am forever thankful to him for his constant motivation and the way he made sure I don't get out of track.

Jigar Chandaria
12 Sep 2023

I enrolled under chandan in November 2022 for 3 months and under his superb guidance lost lots of inches and kgs... i renewed for another 6 months under chandan as during those 3 months i not only felt physical changes but his diet made my mental health also good... i feel refreshed each and every single day... i started with 6000 steps in November and by his guidance and motivation there is not a single day since December in which i completed less than 10k steps a day... Thank you chandan you have been a great motivation for me in this fitness journey. i lost 22kgs fat and 10 inch waist in this 9months transformation journey:)

Binayak Mishra
05 Sep 2023

I took the 6 months package with Chandan after speaking in length about my goal and was very impressed by his Knowledge about the subject. I was skeptical about the communication due to difference in timezone ( me being in US Timezone), but that was well taken care of. At start we had productive discussion on Meal and Fitness plan and which was well setup in Fittr. What I liked the most is his frequent and constant followup about the progress and being available whenever required. Sometime me become lazy because of personal or work related commitment and feel like skipping the Fitness routine, but after the call with Chandan and with his motivating words I started having more discipline Appreciate for always motivating and not making the routine boring and also being flexible with the meal and fitness plan. Happy that I achieved what I vouched for and glad that I choose one of the best and productive mentor.

05 Aug 2023

Chandan is one of the best mentors on this platform. He is not only excellent at his craft but he supports you in a manner that is very rare to see. Always there to answer questions always checking on you despite time differences, you never feel that you are alone in this difficult journey. He has a very realistic approach to weight loss and thinks about a more sustainable way of life rather than short term goals. He has become a major support system for me. Our journey is not over, I have to make him proud but I know I will. Thank you chandan you are amazing and highly recommended.