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Chandan Nayak


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For any queries contact me on +918421249039. Physical fitness and mental fitness are like day and night, One can't exist without other. -Jc Hi! This is Chandan! I am an INFS certified Nutrition and Exercise science Specialist. I have a training experience of over 6 years and started training people since 2016, having worked at various gyms and assisting people through personalised home training and diet charts. I don’t think I can describe my passion for fitness in a few lines. For me, it is a lifestyle rather than just a 12 or 24 week plan. It is something I’ll carry with me through my life and ensure you do too. I have always been in various sports like cricket and football. However, my journey from a skinny guy to a fitness expert began back in 2016 when I started working out. I started lifting weights when I was working in a college as an employee. I was progressing and involved few students and colleagues from within the college approached me for guidance. Unknowingly, I made a difference in their lives and I am grateful and forever indebted for that. Looking forward to assisting you in reaching your fitness goals through food and workout that you will fall in love with. Let's start your fitness journey and reach your goals. Best wishes!... Show more


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