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Bobby Singh


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Hello, I am Bobby! Fitness enthusiast, INFS certified Lifestyle Coach & an ICN athlete. I am passionate about helping people in Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Body Transformation and general well being. I can help you to find the right balance in the simplest & most realistic way possible. By that, I mean, this goes beyond helping people look the best they ever have. I am here to guide you, to build habits, bring change in mindset, being consistent in performance, self-motivated and evolved lifestyle. I believe that everyone deserves the right to good health and be happy with themselves, inside and out. Getting fit and healthy does not need to be difficult right? But often times it is. Why is that ? Because of so much conflicting & misleading information available out there. This is not only confusing but frustrating for most of us. Guess what, you are not alone. Let me tell you a story: I, myself, was there, where you are today: Have been passionate about fitness since 2014 and struggled to achieve a desired physique, even after slogging my ass off for a number of hours in the gym and following varied types of broscience & yo-yo diet techniques. Digging more information about fitness, introduced me to FITTR (Facebook group). With the right knowledge and guidance achieved over the years through FITTR, I could overcome challenges I have faced in my own transformation and learned simple ways to achieve desired fitness goals. Furthermore, guiding friends & family members with their fitness myths & doubts, and my self transformation pushed me to take this up as my primary career path(being a first engineer in my family ;) ) and help people like you to avoid physical, mental & emotional struggles & hurdles in your fitness journey. And here I am, your FITTR coach since 2019, transforming & inspiring lives to bring lifestyle changes and be the better version of yourself. Still in dilemma, to start your journey, ping me to get answers to all your pending queries! Or Contact Me @ 9160474867 /  ... Show more


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