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INFS Foundation Certified

LMU Certified on Nutrition & lifestyle in Preganancy

INFS EXPERT Certified Nutrition & Fitness coach

Certified Personal Trainer from K11

AED Certified

CPR Certified

Certificate in Diabetes Nutrition

Certification in “ The Role of physical Therapy & exercise"

Certificate Of Lifestyle in Pregnancy

Certificate of Nutrition in Pregnancy

Certification in obesity & Diabetes during pregnancy

Certification on Maternal metabolism & fetal growth.

Certification in Nutrition & Cancer

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06 Sep 2023

My postpartum weight loss journey started around September 2022. I was 72 kg by then.This journey was not linear. It was full of ups and down. During initial days,though I was maintaining the diet but it was very difficult to kick start the exercise. But with Biswajit 's constant motivation and rigorous follow up some how I was able to start the excerise routine. He used to say if you don't have time to do 100 % excercise do it for atleast 10 min in order to avoid discontinuity. Sometimes I felt very low and feel like quitting this journey due to constant juggle between motherhood and self care. That's when Biswajit as a coach kept me motivated. In between I joined back to office after my maternity leave and couldn't manage to cope of everything. Then I quit the journey for about 3.5 months. In those periods Biswajit didn't stop following up about my status. In every 8 to 10 days he kept following up about the well being and when I am going to resume.I didn't feel like left out .After sending negative progress status for continous 3 months I felt very guilty. During those period in one of the follow up call he said If you want to avoid your guilt, resume the fitness journey. Finally I resume it on May 2023. This time I was determined mentally."IS BAAR QUIT NAHI KARNA HAI". I followed diet and excercise routine as planned for 4 months (May to August).During this 3 months Biswajit meticulously monitored the diet, exercise routine and weight loss progress. He is not only a great fitness coach but also a good mentor and motivator. Thanks to Biswajit I am now 60 kg. Duration : spetember 2022 to August 2023. 3.5months of discontinuity in between Weight Loss: 72 kg to 60kg

04 Sep 2023

I have availed 3 fitness (once 24 weeks and twice 12 weeks)packages under Biswa over the last 3years. He is a delight to work with and very practical in his approach, delivering bespoke ftiness advice to suits busy work & parenting life - he helped me lose weight from 84kg to 76kg and gain muscle mass, more importantly gave me the fitness knowledge which has been invaluable. i would def recommend Biswa if you are looking to hire a coach to work with you in your fitness goals. Many Thanks, Ravi

Swarna Manjari Das
03 Sep 2023

Well , I am running short of words to express how gratifying my whole weightloss journey under Biswajit’s mentorship has been since March 2023. He is always very clear, insightful and most importantly motivating with his coaching towards my health needs. He simply invests himself to listen to my queries, thoughts and feelings about my day to day journey. He also encourages to focus on the small achievements and highlights while going through the tough weight loss plan. I am still under training with his supervision and I am more than thankful and confident to have him as my fitness coach. He has been helping me to reshape my health, hormonal imbalances and inner confidence and my mental health. I am truly blessed to be associated with Biswajit. Thanks again Biswajit for everything.

Chandrakant Sharma
30 Aug 2023

I started my fitness journey with Mr biswajit, he helped me and make me to understand about calories diet and work out. weekly measurements of body and weight in his guidence. I lost 4kg weight in three month and further I will remain in guidence with Mr. biswajit.