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Vandana Sharma
20 Apr 2023

My coach bhavika, I joined my 3 months plan with bhavika, first thing is lucky to find her, the bestest coach, very humble, polite, n always ready to solve the problem. post menopause issue she handled very nicely.. n diet guidance , excercise all was explained by her. how to handle craving how to chk calories etc. any doubt she is always ibe phone call away. sharing her food pic n motivating, helps a lot to be focused. im in healthy eating weight loss journey from yrs.. bt belive me fats loss was not going.. n after joining with bhavika... I finally can see difference in my fatloss n my health. thank you soooo much bhavika, may you keep guiding your knowledge with all n progress in life. prayers n best wishes. thank you

Apoorva Misra
26 Mar 2023

Bhavika...My best coach so far...I say so as she has completely changed my mindset and thinking process when it comes to fitness.I learned that fitness is that journey or that habit that needs to stay with you through out your life. Her diet plans are very balanced and easy to follow even when you are travelling.she also ensures that you are on track with your eating habits and is always encouraging to out do yourself.when a coach trains you with confidence that itself is a biggest motivation for anyone.While training under Bhavika,I did lose a few other things than my weight and inches... like my old habit of eating junk food, believing the myth that women get muscular while training etc and the list can go on...but what I gained is something I will cherish for life time.I gained the awareness about the food we take ,managing the calories, being watchful about how your body reacts to certain changes...I am working towards my fitness goals with bhavika and I am sure I will soon post about my journey with the visible difference...thank you Bhavika for helping me with my goals.

Pratibha Lamba
30 Dec 2022

Working in a night shift environment for approx 7+ years I took my health for granted. Mindless eating & deteriorated sleeping patterns became a part of me. I've ruined my glorious 20's in all this. Until one day i came across Fittr through a Facebook community and enrolled myself into this platform under Coach Bhavika for 12 weeks plan and trust me that was the best decision of my life, I was very difficult to deal with in the beginning as I have lost all my patience while working in an toxic corporate environment but bhavika dealt with me patiently, she made me aware of quantification of meals, step count and a detailed science behind weight loss and muscle gaining.she's a marvellous conversationalist . She included all my favorite meals in my meal plan and made sure that i am comfortable with my workouts. She was always ready for all the questions I had regarding my health. I could see various positive changes in my health either it's no period pain or an active lifestyle I am following. She has changed me as a person too now I look forward to do my workouts, doing step count and making yummy meals. Though I am. Still in a continuation of a another 12 weeks plan with her but she's been a great mentor and friend till now and i am looking forward to be the best version of myself in 2023 with her guidance. For me she's a 10/10 in everything. And a must if you need a coach who have a great knowledge of health along with a good communicators.

Swapnasheel Sonkamble
30 Nov 2022

The best coach you would find on fittr! Super caring and knowledgeable.