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Kirti Dwivedi
01 Sep 2023

Ayushi is a excellent coach, her diet plan was easy to follow , it provided enough food and i didn’t feel hungry at all! I felt really light and healthy with the food she recommended, i had also found out about many things i was going wrong with in my daily lifestyle. The diet was not only easy to follow but helped with my health a lot too, she showed concern for me and encouraged me as well , that kept me going , her exercise plan was also great, it kept me in good shape, and I’m very grateful i got a coach like her , i needed again definitely reach out to her. Thank you Ayushi for making life healthy ☺️

Anusha Kollu
21 Aug 2023

Ayushi is a wonderful coach.I lost 5 kgs under her training inspire of thyroid and aPCOD.I was not consistent but she encouraged me to be consistent and helped to stay focused and positive.I highly recommend her.I am planning to reduce weight with the plans she have given earlier.Her tips for being positive will help in your career and relationships too. Thank you so much Ayushi mam 🙂🙂

Vishakha Manwani
16 Aug 2023

Let me tell you my personal experience. As long as I can remember, I have been tilting the weighing scale in one direction alone. I am really obese but still active, I always thought something is wrong with my body as I always eat in moderation and workout as well. I tried almost all the Diet programs, Cleansing, Protein, Fat-Free, Sugar-Free, Shake for a Meal, Big Corporate Sponsored 1 Week program etc etc... But none of the things really helped me in shedding pounds off my body to a reasonable level. Then I came to know about Dietitian Ayushi Goyal. A wonderful nutritionist. Very focussed. Has a vast knowledge about her work. She grasped all the details of my eating habits, preferences, workout routine, lifestyle, etc. She prepared a diet plan in a few days after when I looked at the plan I thought the intake has increased, and I thought I sure was gonna put on weight. And indeed what was suggested by the chart was more than I usually eat as I was always full and I had something to eat every two hours or so, but I started losing weight. I was active, I was having tasty food and I was always full but on the flip side kept losing weight. Unlike other diets where I was starving and had cravings for certain food, here I did not feel like eating anything other than what was part of the program. Ayushi was in regular touch to answer any questions and alter the plan to suit my needs. A Big Thanks to her, I lost 13 Kgs with a little bit of exercise and strict diet plan. I would recommend this to my friends who want a healthy lifestyle. Though it took more time than usual it helped me to understand the importance of lifestyle change. At 50 I feel fit and fabulous just because of my friend and life changer Ayushi. Thank you so much and l wish to continue with you and achieve my best.

Wamika Iyer
26 Jul 2023

Coach : Ayushi Goyal Before weight - 169 lbs After weight - 156 lbs Time taken - 6 months Losing this 13 lbs was not easy for me especially coz I had already lost 12 lbs earlier and weight loss gets tougher after the initial few lbs. With a sweet tooth and constant travel lifestyle , Ayushi constantly motivated me and ensured that I get back on track whenever I lost my track in the journey. She has been extremely patient with me and supported me. There have been times when I had given up but she was confident and motivated me to focus on my effort and the reason why it is important. Having said that, she also made sure that my sweet cravings are met. I can confidently say that I would have lost a lot more weight if I was diligent but it’s also true that if I wasn’t enrolled with Ayushi, I wouldn’t have been able to lose this tough 12 lbs. She has been flexible with food options and very approachable and keeps accountability quite well. Her focus has been to shift my mindset and make it a journey for me than a destination and always encourages that losing some weight is more important than the time taken. Overall quite happy with her coaching ! Thank you Ayushi !