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29 May 2023

Name: Arti Rampuria Coach: Ayushi Goyal Before weight: 77kg After weight: 69kg Time taken for transformation: 3 months I am a person who loves sweets..I had to have a cake once or twice a week..If I would go for a walk and see Starbucks, I would just buy and have one. So much so that, even after a very active lifestyle, I gained a lot of weight. This year, I thought I had to become fit, and so I finally enrolled in Fittr and found my wonderful coach Ayushi. When I first talked to her about my cravings, she told me if I lose 3kgs,I can treat myself to a small slice of cake. When I lost 3 kgs, my mind and my heart couldn't try a slice of cake and let all that effort go waste. And that's where my real journey of fittr started. I love hanging out with friends and that is where I also faced a few challenges. I knew I couldn't give up socializing so Ayushi really helped me with ideas like having your meal before entering the party so that you don't feel hungry..or she even told me that 2 slices of pizza had the same calories as my 1 meal so I just ate two slices and had green salad on the side. Slowly knowing the meal plans with the gms and calories, I got to learn how much portion is good for me. There was a week when Ayushi reduced my carbs a lot and I asked her that I atleast need to eat 2 rotis at night or I feel hungry. She immediately gave me options like grinding the soya into a paste and then add wheat flour in it and the quantity will double or mash the paneer in it and solutions like these helped me to have a feasible diet. I also had a habit of eating snacks at night but with a structured chart I knew how much could I eat, so I would often keep a fruit or something for myself in the night. Before starting, Ayushi had asked me to send videos of the gym and equipments I had access to..she made sure that all the workouts were according to those only. Thanks to fittr and especially Ayushi for being such an amazing fitness inspiration 😊

20 May 2023

As i pen down my mind I am emotional and elated at the same time... when i had enrolled myself under Ayushi i was a whopping partum... severely anxious and doubtful about ever getting back in jeans....i have to mention that right from the word GO Ayushi guided me like an angel... bearing up with my tantrums , doubts and insecurities... she made everything seem easy...she made me realise that it's important to listen to your body respect it and trust the mentor... i was truly blessed to have Ayushi guide me through the worse phase of my life.... with her guidance I have managed to shed 30 kgs in a span of six months... many many inches to get back in the category of being presentable.... I owe my smile ☺️ to Ayushi... she inculcated a disciplined lifestyle in me.... the best part of this journey was she was always ready to listen to me and answer my doubts with a logical explanation... her approach is very scientific... being a doctor myself it was difficult to get convinced by someone who doesn't have her facts in place... so here i am ... vouching for Ayushi... she is the best mentor anyone can get.... she motivates... guides... encourages and explains so well that you start worshiping your body... Thank you so much Ayushi for making me travel from 3XL to M.... The journey continues.... Best wishes

nidhi sharma
17 May 2023

I have had great experience with Ayushi. over a course of year lost whooping 21 kgs and loads of inches. I have PCOD and thyroid still managed to loose weight. My blood pressure cane down to normal range. from a person who could not walk a mile without having breathing issues I can now run a mile. Transformation was amazing and easy, Ayushi even helped me with adding chocolates with my sweet craving. Plans are simple and easy to follow. Ayushi is regular with updates and never let you go even if you want to leave at the end. Now nutrition is way of my life rather one of things. Thanks Ayushi you are one of the best.

bushra alam
02 May 2023

As i write this review i feel so happy to have found such a wonderful coach who changed my life completely.. getting enrolled with Ayushi was my best decision as she feels more like a friend than a coach.. she is very prompt that for every request she immediately revises the chart and accomodates your request.. with her i felt constantly motivated and never ever felt like cheating not even for a single meal.. she is very good at her daily check ins which results in a positive accountability and so everyday i tried to give my 100%.. i would highly highly recommend her to all who are planning to start this fitness journey.. she has been the best mentor.. Thank you so much Ayushi for constantly supporting me and working as a team with me and making me feel everyday that i am not alone in my weight loss journey but you are with me constantly holding my hand