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Naman Barmecha
11 Feb 2022

Avinash is a detail oriented coach. He is very patient and provides science based guidance for training. He has transformed me from beginner to intermediate in 3 months while training me for correct form and posture. Highly recommend him.

30 Dec 2021

I have been training with Avinash for 2 months now. He is an amazing coach - the best part is his knowledge of how muscles and body structure work that he shares his knowledge with you and makes you understand about you. I was not good with techniques and body forms and he has helped me achieve and improve that. He helps to keep me motivated and get going each session. I would highly recommend him as a coach for transforming and seeing great results.!!!

Amey Tumne
23 Sep 2021

Avinash has been game changer for me. I was using wrong techniques, wrong routine until 5 months back. When I started training with him, it’s been a total change for me. He himself is a very very disciplined person. He will make you understand, “Nothing comes without effort, you have to give your 100% and nothing happens overnight” He has a vast knowledge of muscles, body structures, the patterns of responses from body to certain workout and huge variety of exercises n stretches. He is very straight forward to tell you ‘Wrong is Wrong’, that helps a lot. Most important, he would consider you as a Mission, not just another workout session. That thought, unknowingly, motivates to get out of comfort zone n stay focused on the goal !!!!

12 Jul 2021

Avinash has helped me achieve my goals so far and I look forward to our sessions. He makes it fun and enjoyable to train, is very motivating and listens carefully to my needs! He has found interesting and useful exercises that work well for me with the equipment I have at home.  He is very detail oriented. I really appreciate his attention & pickiness for the correct form, breathing & posture.  He is always available to answer questions, even though we both are in different time zones. If motivation, flexibility, and a personal approach is what you are looking for then Avinash is the coach for you!  I highly recommend him!