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25 Jan 2024

I have been training with Asma for the last 8 months and I am fortunate to have her as my coach. She is friendly, kind and truly a well wisher who genuinely cares for the well being of her clients. Her passion for fitness is contagious. Her dedication and expertise have become instrumental in my fitness journey. She has taught me the importance of form and technique and focuses on the natural ability of the body when designing the workouts. Her motivation and encouragement has instilled a sense of consistency and discipline in me, so much that I look forward to the sessions. The outcome from the sessions has been positive with overall body toning and improved physical fitness. I feel stronger, more confident in my abilities and inspired to continue this active lifestyle. Thanks to coach Asma for making this happen!

14 Jan 2024

I’ve been training with Asma for over half year. I had never trained consistently for that long. Asma is very perceptive and somehow she always “listens” to my body and knows how far to push me to, that really amazed me about her. Before training with her, I would experience so much soreness I could not exercise for days. With Asma she always makes sure I train enough where I progress, but not to a point where I could not walk the next few days. I always feel the work, but in a comfortable way. Since I started training with Asma I have felt so much better, she has helped me prioritize myself and feel younger. During these months I have gained strength, muscle mass, mobility, and achieved things I didn’t think I would be able to. Asma is very personable, we developed a great connection over this time and her sessions are very enjoyable.

14 Aug 2023

I have been training with Asma for the past four months .I am really happy with her approach towards fitness. She is very particular about the form and breathing techniques which I really think is very important.I have developed a positive attitude towards fitness and all thanks to her.I will really recommend Asma for anyone who is serious about his fitness and looking for a calm and committed trainer.

Rakhee Mayuri s
09 Mar 2023

I have been training with Asma for the past six to seven months Asma has helped me in body transformation immensely. She believes in " smart training"; which means, doing optimum workout regularly with a sound technique. She is particular about the way we breath during the workout. With her, every rep and every step matters. She is punctual, extremely professional and is well prepared every single time. She has this brilliant technique to push you to attain your best, while at the same time she knows whenever we push too much-all while keeping a smiling face. Her calm demeanour gives confidence and motivation while her devotion to your fitness prepares your mind to give your best. Her particular speciality, which I witnessed myself, is to help you avoid injuries, cope with the existing ones, and get on the recovery path through movement. Highly recommended.