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Rakhee Mayuri s
09 Mar 2023

I have been training with Asma for the past six to seven months Asma has helped me in body transformation immensely. She believes in " smart training"; which means, doing optimum workout regularly with a sound technique. She is particular about the way we breath during the workout. With her, every rep and every step matters. She is punctual, extremely professional and is well prepared every single time. She has this brilliant technique to push you to attain your best, while at the same time she knows whenever we push too much-all while keeping a smiling face. Her calm demeanour gives confidence and motivation while her devotion to your fitness prepares your mind to give your best. Her particular speciality, which I witnessed myself, is to help you avoid injuries, cope with the existing ones, and get on the recovery path through movement. Highly recommended.

Kiran Sekhon
05 Oct 2022

Asma has been a very positive influence for me. signing up with her has been very good for me. It is help me realise the importance of fitness but also realise that rest is important as well with my busy job. Her calm and positive manner has always been a blessing during our sessions. I cannot wait to sign up with her again

04 Aug 2022

Asma is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and explains why what workout is done and how it helps. She is very patient and motivates and encourages always to give my best. Didn’t know posture correction was even possible like this over a device. She is very resourceful and helps me workout with whatever is available. Again, she is an amazing coach.

Madhavi Sulibhavi
20 May 2022

I have been training with Asma for over a month now. She is an amazing coach. I was born with clubbed feet and could never do squats correctly and thereby dreaded doing it. When I explained this issue to her, she has come up with a solution that helps me do it comfortably. With her as a coach, I don't feel like missing my workouts. I feel better now..physically and mentally. She is very motivating and patient and at the same time has keen observations to find errors in your posture and correct it. I highly recommend her. Once you enroll under her, just follow her guidance and you can see the wonders for yourself!