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Ekvira Patil Bodkhe
24 Nov 2023

Thank you for making me feel proud even of my smallest achievements. Your positive attitude has really kept me going. I’ve enjoyed the training so much. It’s not just that I lost weight, it’s that I gained so much more confidence. Thank you for helping me along the way.I’ve achieved more than I thought was possible. Thank you so much Ashvini for your support.😊

20 Nov 2023

Thank you Ashwini for helping me get back on track for my fitness journey. Extremely patient and a great coach who works very hard to help you achieve your goals. Her constant guidance and follow ups helped me stay motivated and I was able to see a significant inch loss along with a significant increase in stamina and energy levels. Eternally grateful to have had you as a mentor. Thank you and Fittr for helping me understand and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Manisha Mundhe
30 Sep 2023

This is gratitude post to my COACH Ashwini Chavan. I am member of fittr community from past 1 year. I am overweight from childhood..but gained lot after my 1st pregnancy..which caused prediabetic and vitamin B deficiancy at the age of 30. That's my trigger point to think of my health and my baby's future, and I wanted to have 2 kids. It was difficult to conceive with these problems. So I decided to enroll @fittr and it was the best descision ever. Under guidance of Ashwini I lost 14 kg in 3 months leads to healthy pregnancy and delivery. She always pushed me to give my best. As foodie, I can eat my favourite food daily. Never imagined to lose weight having regular and favourite food . By doing Home workouts and healthy diet, life could be better. My diabetes is under control now. It's just start for me..also I again started my fat loss journey post delivery of second baby with my coach ashwini and I lost 8 kgs in 2.5 months. Many more to go.. Looking forward to reach my goal near future. Thank you ashwini for guiding me throughout the journey 🙏 I highly recommend her!

27 Jun 2023

With Ashwini's guidance I lost 10 kgs in a year. I couldn't follow the plan thoroughly throughout due to personal reasons. But Ashwini supported me very patiently throughout my journey and also provided the plan considering my situation. she is very motivating and highly efficient with her job. I strongly recommend her to someone who's new to the process as she explains everything in detail and helps you transition into the routine easily.