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Anuj Velankar
17 Mar 2023

An excellent coach! I have been working out with Ashok’s help now for over 6 months now and really happy with my progress. Ashok always has a smile on his face and is willing to wake up at really early hours because it suits me. His directions and spirit to motivate is truly appreciated.

Anirban Bhattacharya
28 Feb 2023

Ashok is an excellent coach. I have been working with him for more than 2 months now and planning to work further. He is extremely knowledgeable, disciplined and rigorous in training. Within a very short span of time, I have seen visible changes in my body. I will surely recommend him .

Shankar Muthuswamy
22 Feb 2023

I’ve been training with Ashok for about 6 months now. This is the longest I’ve trained with or without a trainer. And I had personal hurdles during this time where I had to take a break. The only reason I’ve been able to stick to the routine is because of Ashok’s personality, motivation, commitment and patience. Ashok has a very friendly demeanor, if you catch him not smiling let me know I haven’t been able to. But this doesn’t mean he’s soft, he pushes you hard in a way the workout is effective and enjoyable for both. He uses his expertise to vary the workouts so you never get bored, keeps track of your progress and increases the intensity as needed and guides you throughout to ensure you have the right form. When I came back after a break Ashok eased me back into the routine by spending a week doing bodyweight exercises to gradually bring back my strength. We’ve also adjusted on days where I didn’t have access to equipment compensating with fun bodyweight routines. We always spend 10 mins at the beginning and end doing targeted warm ups and cool downs which prepares you for the workout ahead. I really enjoy and look forward to my workouts, which is key for anyone to stay consistent. Above all I really appreciate Ashok’s patience and persistence even when I had to take breaks due to personal commitments and remaining friendly and understanding throughout. He hasn’t once asked me to write a review in 6 months but I felt the need to share with everyone what an amazing trainer Ashok is! You can’t go wrong with him. Prepare to be challenged! Good luck with your workouts!

Kim D'Souza
02 Jan 2023

Ashok has been an amazing amazing coach! Extremely flexible when I had work trips! And very good exercise plans! I’m burning a good amount of calories for each session. He balances your workouts so you work on all muscles. Highly recommended!