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21 Sep 2023

I was with Aruna for 3 months and the reason I connected as her Instagram posts talked about habits.. I was a difficult mentee but she understood my need to go slow as I wanted to integrate a single habit in my routine and than move on to next one so that I make a life long change, rather than burning out with too many changes in short time. Too many distractions in the three months, but I only continued sticking to programme as Aruna was always encouraging me rather than pushing. Infact the only reason I did nit give up midway is because she did not give up on me, despite my procrastination. She has been the most patient,committed , non judgemental and punctual person I have seen in recent times.There is certain wisdom in her words, which pushes you to make a change. I would recommend her to anyone who is willing to make habits to last as I lost 5 kgs and multiple inches in 3 months despite numerous breaks Thank you for all your guidance. Forever greatful🙏

12 Sep 2023

I joined FITTR 3 months postpartum under coach Aruna.She has been extremely helpful in my postpartum journey of weight loss.She educated me about losing weight in a healthy way and explained the science behind it all.She kept in mind that I am a breastfeeding mother and made my nutritional chart accordingly to the needs of my body because of which I never had to worry that I was not eating healthy for my baby.She educated me about food and healthy eating in such a way that throughout my life Iam going to be remember to eat right.Iam extremely grateful to her for all the motivation and encouragement.She has also been extremely patient with me when I couldn't do my best.She is the sweetest and when you interact with her it reflects her passion for her work.Thank you so much Aruna for helping me and pushing me towards my goal.I will forever be grateful 🙏

Renuka Hastak
26 Aug 2023

I have been following fittr since 2019 and hired 2 coaches 2-3 years ago but was never happy with the kind of involvement they had. But when I got in contact with Aruna, she showed me the way to my to restart my weight loss journey and I will always be grateful to her for same. She is very patient, very sweet, and explains all the science behind your diet in the simplest way. In my journey of the last 6 months, I got injured and was not able to workout for 2 months, but with her diet and motivation I was still losing weight. Thanks Aruna for everything, the kind of changes you help make in people's lives is phenomenal. 😊

Soumitra Dutta
19 Aug 2023

I have had the privilege of working with Aruna mam and it has been a transformative experience. She is not just a fitness trainer but also a passionate mentor who has helped me achieve my health and fitness goals in ways i never thought possible. She has been very supportive and encouraging even if you fall out of the suggested diet and would remind you the benefits of following one so you naturally come back to it. I wholeheartedly recommend Aruna mam to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals.