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Hi I am Arun Dev, an Expert Level Certified Nutrition and Fitness Consultant from Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Science (INFS). Overweight to ICN Physique and Fitness competitor alongside the best athletes of the world, the journey has been an unbelievably great one. There was a will to reach here, but with FITTR, I got the way armed with the knowledge that INFS has provided me. I Specialize in Fat Loss, Muscle building, Body Transformation, and general wellbeing. My fitness journey started 2 years back where I found myself an overweight guy lacking in confidence and low self-esteem. Growing through embarrassment and feeling inferior in different aspects of life I took the initiative to transform myself into a better version. After realizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle and quantified nutrition I started accumulating knowledge on the sole purpose to help and guide those who are trying their best to transform their lives. Are you looking for someone who can guide you to get fit? Well, you have come to the right place. Now your next step would be committing to your fitness goals. Be dedicated and you will see what seems impossible to you today, will one day become your warm-up. This seems like a tough journey, isn't it? Well yes, it is. This is why I'm here to make this path easier for you by guiding you in the smartest way with the precise application of nutritional science and providing you customized diet and workout routines. Hit the enroll button and let me be a part of your fitness journey and I will make sure you get back up whenever you feel like giving up. So, let’s start your journey today to bring out a sculpted and healthier version of yourself. Country of Domicile - India Time Zone: IST Contact me at +91 9160000582(WhatsApp)... Show more


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Expert Level Certified Nutrition and Fitness Consultant from Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Science (INFS)

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