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Strength and Conditioning
Chaitanya Nandigam
16 Mar 2023

It has been fun working with Archana the past few weeks! She is always communicative with even with difference in time zones. She is very knowledgeable and modifies exercises depending on the equipment available at the time and suggests changes to the workouts depending on my ability. She always corrects my form when needed and pushes me without ever being overbearing. It has been a great way to start my day and have accountability with my workouts. I learn a lot from her and look forward to continuing my fitness journey with her!

13 Oct 2022

i delivered twins last year and post partum, my weight has gone terribly high! with twins, i was literally draining out of energy and with archana, I am just trying to balance that so well.. she pushes me in the right direction and keeps motivating me always that I can do it !! i am still on my journey to reach that stage but with her being oh my side, i am sure we shall attain the same 😀😀

Harshada Kadam
13 Oct 2022

I have been training under coach Archana for over six months now and it has been my best decision. The workouts are tailored to my abilities while continuing to push me and ensuring all body parts are targeted. One of the core reasons I needed a coach was for pushing me to be consistent and not only she is making me to be consistent but also working on building my strength and right form and postures. She pushes you out of your comfort zone, but at the same time she is very understanding. If ask her to go easy on me, she listens and suggests a different exercise comfortable enough but having the same intensity. Thank you FITTR for this platform and BIG Thank You to Archana who is so compassionate and motivating - I highly recommend her on this platform!!!

Sabreen Khan
15 Sep 2022

One of the finest decisions of my life was enrolling under Archana (while I was writing her name my keyboard suggested archangel which is equally true in my case) she is definitely godsent. A hardworking and passionate professional with her heart in the right place. Always patient, kind and motivating, she inspires me in so many ways. Although I have a long journey ahead but with Archana by my side it feels like a piece of cake 😉