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19 Sep 2022

Huge shout-out to Aradhana. She was patient and understanding with my needs and capabilities. I learned sustainable ways of healthy eating and maintaining an active lifestyle thanks to Aradhana.Would definitely recommend her.

03 Aug 2022

Adradhana is an amazing coach. She was my biggest cheerleader and supporter. Adradhana taught me to love myself and my transformation results. No matter how hard it was, Adradhana helped me to dig deep and meet my goals. When it is time for me to do another 12 weeks of Fittr, I will certainly choose Adradhana.

31 Jul 2022

I am so thankful, that I decided to enroll with a coach with Fittr and I think I made one of my best decisions to go with Aradhana. she is sooooo motivating and always always supportive. She is so approachable and feels more like a friend than a coach. That makes it so easy to believe and go with all the diet plans and training plans that she decides knowing that she is doing the best for me. Aradhana has helped me in making a better relation with food. I was so scared of starting my fitness journey just so unsure, but Aradhana motivated and supported me from the first day. The first day I started the fitness journey and weight training I was very scared but I have come a long way. I will continue to do so, with Aradhana's support and motivation. The food plan that I am following is so easy and quick home made recipes, but knowing to quantify my food the right way and learning to swap the food in the right quantity. This has made my relation with food a lot better. The time through the journey has not been easy and same everyday and I have had difficulties throughout and Aradhana has been there with me each step. I have understood that it is not just about losing weight and more about getting fitter and being able to do activities on a daily basis and being more healthy physically and mentally. I cannot thank you enough Aradhana for helping me so far and continuing to do so. Thank you 😊.

18 Jul 2022

I have been trying to lose weight for quite some time. Before fittr, I had enrolled myself under many weight loss programs. I would lose weight but once the program ended, I would bounce back to my original weight and sometimes more than that. This was primarily because of the unrealistic and impractical approach of the coaches. But with ARADHANA it's very different. She is the most amazing coach, mentor,and guide. She understands my requirements, capacity, strength and weakness. She designed a plan that was very simple to follow, and something that I could do forever in my life. For the first time,I was not on a diet. She always emphasizes that fitness is way more important than weight loss. Fitness is a lifestyle not a short term goal. She teaches you how to make changes in your diet and make it healthier. Her recipes are amazing. She never stopped me from having my favourite food. Moderation is her key word. So I never felt to have been deprived of my favourite items. Today, I have a very healthy relationship with my food. I eat everything, no guilt, no deprivation. I follow her mantra " consistency and moderation are the keys to success in the long term. " Moreover, she is an excellent human being. A very good listener. I would highly recommend her to everyone who wants to start his or her fitness journey and wants to remain fit throughout their lives. Enroll under her and you will come out as a new person with a very positive perspective towards fitness. ❤️❤️