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Sumi pankaj bansal
21 May 2022

This is less of a review and more of a thank you note to Apoorv for his guidance and mentoring. I enrolled in 12 weeks program. He is a delight to work with and very diligent in his follow-up and meal plans. He is very calm and composed coach and he addresses all request with utmost ease and efficiency. More importantly for me, his professionalism and sincerity stand out. You have been an inspiration for many from youth to older people. Your guidance and support are keeping me motivated to stick to this fitness journey. Thank you so much Coach, You are the Best!

Abhishek Kumar
08 Aug 2021

Practice what you preach is the quote I believe in and Apoorv's journey has been inspiring on that front. I ate worked out in bits and pieces, and it wasn't working out so decided to enroll having heard about Fitter from my wife. I enjoyed the journey with Apoorv and the discussions on my progress was enlightening. He changed the way I looked at food, gulping went away and the scare of trying new workouts at home went off. I transformed to my liking but its daily life style so would be pushing myself up with all learned from Apoorv and learning it in the most simple way is what I would say is Apoorv's forte. Thanks Apoorv for being a great mentor. You are creating great stories and surely will create more.

24 Jun 2021

apoorv is a solid coach, knowledgeable and very patient. I am doing very well under him lost around 7 to 8 kgs of fat and lot of inches and not one day have I eaten less. I hope he continues with the same dedication going ahead.

Jyoti Apoorv Agrawal
07 May 2021

Writing this review for my amazing coach and a very humble and nice human being Apoorv Baghel. My first journey with Fittr and I m enlightened , yes enlightened as I never scientifically understood the concept of real fitness and good health. I was never body shamed as I being a runner ,I always looked fit. By the end of January 2021,I weighed 65.60 kgs, around 6 to 7 kgs more than my usual weight because of an ankle injury while running. I tried different diets but somehow nothing was working out. And it was then I thought about Fittr, my final those transformation pictures certainly gave me hope. I joined the 12 weeks Transformation program on 14 th Feb . Apoorv is very good listener and a very intelligent, well aware person. My starting weight was 65 kgs and initially I kept repeating that I want to come down to 58-59 kgs. When Apoorv sent me the workouts plans with weight, I made a hue and cry that I can't lift more than 1 kg of dumbell, my coach was patient enough and I started with 1 kg dumbells only. Here was the real enlightenment, I wasn't fit, yes I just looked fit. Now after 12 weeks I lift around 7.5kgs , I m 7 kgs lighter too and those tiny 1kg dumbells are now kept for my little 9 year old girl😅. Apoorv is very punctual with his weekly calls, I have learnt so much from him. about the importance of a balanced diet and I enjoyed the complete process of gradually losing weight. I m not the person now obsessed with my weight and now I understand that fitness is much more than just weight.Apoorv is one promising coach and he is the reason I m well aware about real fitness, strength and complete well being. Early marriage and a mother of two girls aged 17 and 9 . After two very crictical C sections and gestational sugar issues, I m now in my fittest phase and slimmest waist@28 inches and I m loving myself enough to spread love around me❤. A big round of applause for my amazing coach👏. I wish him all happiness and success. Best wishes 👍