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18 Apr 2024

I was searching for a coach to assist me through my fitness journey and joined with Anurag , when I started I was 74 plus and now in just 11 weeks I’m 69 seeing lot of changes in my body, he was amazing and supportive throughout the journey, he was responsive and very supportive to his clients which was really appreciative Thank you Anurag

Raja B
18 Apr 2024

Anurag was referred to me by my brother and rightly so he was very enthusiastic about having me on board the program three months ago. He set me up with a great diet and workout plan from the onset that allowed me to loose 14 lbs in the first 14 weeks. He is very knowledgeable and easily accessible given that am on the pacific time zone. His enthusiasm and warmth are very infectious and I highly recommend him as your goto fitness coach. Thanks Anurag for sharing your experience with us. Truly appreciate it

Sujata Wawge
17 Apr 2024

Initial Weight - 66.5 Current Weight - 57.6 Time taken - 3.5 months Coach - Anurag Mishra Three months ago, I embarked on a postpartum weight loss journey, a path I anticipated with a mix of hope and uncertainty. Today, I stand at a midway point, not just lighter in weight but also uplifted in spirit, thanks to my fitness coach, Anurag. From the outset, Anurag has been more than a coach; he’s been a beacon of support, a repository of knowledge, and a friend. His approach is holistic, encompassing not just the physical aspects of fitness but also the nutritional, dietary, exercise and overall health considerations. His detailed guidance has been a cornerstone of my progress. Anurag’s availability for any doubts and discussions is unparalleled. He’s always a message away, ready to clarify, encourage, and push me beyond my limits. His motivation is infectious, and his support unwavering. In moments of doubt, when I feared I might never return to my pre-pregnancy weight, he stood by me like a partner in this journey. The improvements I’ve witnessed are not just in the numbers on the scale but in my overall health and well-being. For anyone on a similar journey, Anurag is not just a coach; he’s a companion who walks with you, every step of the way.

Nishant Pandey
09 Apr 2024

I'm very grateful for Anurag's guidance over the past 3 months. His personalized vegetarian diet plan perfectly aligned with my lifestyle, helping me shed 6 kgs from 88.5 kgs to 82.5 kgs. His expertise, encouragement, and support were invaluable, making every session productive and inspiring. I highly recommend Anurag to anyone looking for personalized fitness guidance. Thank you for transforming my fitness journey into a rewarding and fulfilling experience!"