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Upasana Mahanta
19 Sep 2023

Anurag is a fantastic fitness coach. I followed his 12-week diet plan and I lost 5kg and several inches. Anurag's friendly and motivational support was consistent throughout the journey. If you're considering fitness goals or know someone who needs an exceptional coach, reaching out to him is a decision you won't regret. Thanks Coach for being so cool and awesome ❤️

Dr Satish Titoria
10 Sep 2023

My Transformation Journey : Name: Dr Satish Titoria Age : 43 years Before weight: 94 Kg After weight : 84 Kg Coach : Anurag Mishra I had the privilege of having Anurag Mishra as my weight loss coach, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. Thanks to his guidance, motivation, and expertise, I successfully shed an impressive 10 kilograms. 6 month back my dear junior (Dr Punit ) introduced me to Anurag ( my coach) and then my journey for weight loss started. Initially I was having doubt that this program will work for me or not but Anurag assured me that things will be changed soon. Anurag's approach to weight loss is both comprehensive and personalized. He took the time to understand my specific goals, lifestyle, and dietary preferences, creating a customized plan that was not only effective but also sustainable. His emphasis on a balanced diet, regular exercise, and mindful habits truly made all the difference. What sets Anurag apart is his unwavering support and encouragement throughout the journey. He kept me accountable, provided invaluable advice, and always had a positive attitude, which made me believe in myself even on challenging days. I appreciate Anurag's dedication to his clients' well-being. His knowledge and passion for fitness and nutrition shine through in every session. I not only achieved my weight loss goals but also gained a deeper understanding of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you're looking for a weight loss coach who delivers results, I wholeheartedly recommend Anurag Mishra. His expertise, commitment, and personalized approach make him an exceptional coach who can help you reach your fitness goals. Thank you, Anurag, for transforming my life for the better!

Nisha Ashok
10 Sep 2023

Before I met Anurag through Fittr, my approach to fitness was honestly a huge mess. I'd hopped from one diet to another, tried every "miracle" fix, and honestly? Got nowhere. It was a cycle of zero discipline and early give-ups, even though I was burning to shed those kilos. Then, one day, the universe led me to Fittr's Facebook group. Those transformation stories? So so inspiring. That’s how I downloaded Fittr app right away, and picked Anurag as my coach. Best. Decision. Ever. Gone were the fitness fairy tales I once clung to. Anurag broke things down, handed me a workout plan that felt right, and a meal plan that was nutritious and practical. And his spirit? Infectious! Even on days when I felt like I'd hit rock bottom, he'd remind me, "Weight loss isn't a straight road. It’s got its ups and downs. Just keep the faith." And faith I kept. So far, I'm 4-5 kgs lighter, along with lot of inches around my body. Feeling great, more stamina and way stronger than before. Sure, life got in the way, and I wavered a bit recently, couldn’t keep up with the workout plan or follow the meal plans diligently. But I'm back now, raring to go, and with Anurag in my corner, I know I've got this. He never gave up on me, so huge thanks, Anurag! You're a game-changer. Thank you my coach, I hope I can make you proud really soon. 🙏🏼💪🏽

Neha Gaurav
21 Aug 2023

Anurag is a great coach.He understand the concern and makes things doable for you.He always motivated me .I am thankful to him for bringing so many positive changes in me. Thankyou coach Anurag!