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Nutrition and Wellness Consultant(AFPA)

Nutrition and Fitness Expert (INFS)

Calisthenics (INFS)

Licensed and Certified Zumba Instructor

Licensed and Certified Zumba Kids & Zumba Kids Jr Instructor

7 days to Amazing Lifestyle Workshop, INFS

Clinical Nutrition Advanced course certificate

Pregnancy and Post-partum Workshop Certificate

Yoga Protocol Instructor

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Shreeram Narasimhan
29 May 2023

Very good coach! Knows her stuff very well and guides well. I would recommend Anubha mam irrespective of the stage you are in fitness journey.

Amit Harchandani
13 May 2023

Hi! We enrolled for a 12-week plan with Anubha and she has been tremendous in her approach. Right from the word GO she was on it with the workout plan, diet plan and regular follow ups. If one is undergoing a lifestyle change, one needs someone like Anubha to monitor and constantly motivate. She leads by example, is punctual and consistent in what she does. I’ll surely recommend her. Thank you!

Shweta Gupta
02 May 2023

Hi, just sharing my personal experience with Anubha. She has been everything that I was looking for in my fitness journey. She is very sweet and listens to you patiently and then explains everything in detail about all your concerns. I joined with Anubha in Dec 2022 when I was 10 months postpartum. I was struggling through various things. Also, living abroad with no househelp etc, I was always occupied with baby and toddler care , household never ending work and full time office. I wanted to join with someone who can understand my schedule and give advice that can suit my circumstances. Anubha’s meal plan suits me 100%, I have had no issues following the diet plan and for workouts as well, they are great and if followed rigorously brings so much changes in body, however I am usually never able to follow them more than 3-4 days a week. On several occasions I had not been able to follow both diet and exercise properly because of xyz reasons like sickness in house, travel, holidays etc however, the best thing about Anubha is that she understands and says “its part of your life”. This is the best statement that I have found working with her, she says it’s a journey and there will be ups and downs and with those words, my mood and motivation just lifts. Because when you are not able to follow the plan due to some reason you automatically start feeling down but her words lift the mood and gives the motivation to continue the journey. Sharing the benefits of my journey with Anubha, I have got following benefits: 1. Physical – Weight loss and Inc Loss. Started at 65.6 kgs, now 7 kgs down at 58.5kgs 2. Mental – Internally I started remaining stressed without any reason and exercise routine has definitely helped me in boosting my mood and pushed away my stress. 3. Medical – In my blood test reports my ALP levels are coming towards normal, which were high before joining the plan. ALP essentially indicates fatty liver. This is my mid journey experience and already enrolled for my next plan. Thanks so much for guiding me in right direction and continuous motivation.

01 May 2023

She is a great trainer.. amazing listening and understanding skills.. would love to continue with Anubha on renewal