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Amina Yasmin
18 May 2023

Coach Anubha has been extremely helpful in my transformation journey. Suffering from the symptoms of PCOD i was advised to lose weight several months ago. Despite trying my own set of diets and workouts, I have never seen such quick and sustainable results until I enrolled with Coach Anubha. She made me understand that fitness is not just about looking good (which is an added benefit tbh). It’s about taking care of your body and mind. It’s about eating food that you enjoy but in nutritious quantities. It’s about being consistent and having a routine. When I enrolled in the plan, I expected it to be extremely hard. But Coach showed me an entirely different picture. The journey toward being fit has been really smooth with her. She took all my needs and challenges into consideration while formulating my diet and workout plan. In addition she also checks up every week without fail to ensure that the progress is steady and to make any changes to the plan if necessary. She is always ready to clear any doubts about literally anything be it food replacements, workout form, or even self-doubt and the lack of motivation. Being a college student, I sometimes do deviate from my plan due to excessive workload and lack of time. Instead of reprimanding me for this, she tells me not to give myself extra stress for missing my workouts. She tells me that it’s OKAY! A few missed workouts or unhealthy meals do not mean that it’s all over. She reassures me when I lose hope in myself. I could not have asked for a better coach in this journey than her. I have never felt better about myself than now, and I thank Coach Anubha for leading me to this point. I know that the journey forward with Coach is going to be even more fruitful, and I cannot wait to look and feel even better! Her WhatsApp status updates are an added bonus, I watch them and get an instant kick of motivation! Honestly, I would give her a 100 stars if I could. Best coach ever!!

15 May 2023

Anubha is an amazing coach. More than a coach she is a friend who have all ears to hear your concerns your cravings and change the plan based on what suits your body . I can feel how good my habits have turned out after being under Anubha's guidance .She takes extra step to make sure we are following the plan by midweek checkin. I will for sure renew my membership under Anubha

Akhila Y
14 May 2023

Anubha is an amazing coach. I was always struggling to keep on track avoiding outside food and be on track she has done an amazing job with my food habits I can understand how my body feels with outside food and she helped me create a better routine and relationship with healthy food and lifestyle. I mean kudos to her efforts in diet plan or exercise plan it really helps me I would definitely renew my membership with her continue the program. One thing you can note working with her its never feels hard she makes it comfortable by pushing yourself out of the box.

Neha Chopra
13 May 2023

Anubha is a great coach she will help you with all the motivation and your favourite food. it was great working with her on my fatloss journey.. thanks for sharing all the information