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20 Sep 2023

I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious all the time for being overweight. A friend recommended Fitrr and I decided to give it a try. Ankita had great reviews and she had 1 open spot. I decided to reach out to her and start this journey. On this program I was able to change my habits with better eating, sleeping, and working out. Now there are no words to explain how good I feel from the inside out – but I can say I feel fabulous! For others wanting to get started, just be patient, try your best, and take it day by day! Ankita gives lots of helpful information and encouragement and I’ll keep following her guidance until I’ve reached my goal!

payal mittal
11 Sep 2023

I had enrolled with Ankita for 12 week plan and I found it to be really effective in my weight loss. I must say Ankita is very patient listener and she understand the need and requirement very well. I mentioned her about the craving and she in no time included that thing in my diet and that was really commendable. I had never thought that I can eat everything under the guidance of Ankita and can still enjoy the weight loss journey. Looking to the changes and short term goal that I achieved, I have renewed the plan and day by day I am getting close to my target goal under the keen observation of Ankita. Thanks for everything Ankita… having you as a coach is really helpful.

Neha Wangneo Sah
07 Sep 2023

I enrolled with Coach Ankita for a 12 weeks plan, my progress has been slow but steady . Ankita follows up diligently and is a patient listener during weekly discussions.She provided personalized nutrition plans and exercise routines that were both effective and enjoyable. Her encouragement and support kept me motivated throughout the entire journey. She understands that as a person one can not be on a restrictive diet all the time… I have eaten everything in moderation and kept a healthy lifestyle.. I feel healthier, energized, and can observe positive change in my body. I have extende my consultation with her for another 12 weeks. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness.

Anamika Singh
29 Aug 2023

Ankita is good coach who understands one’s timetable and guide accordingly. I have made a good progress within her guidance and looking forward to my journey of weight loss with her