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17 Apr 2023

I am really grateful to post my first post as the token of gratitude to my coach Anikta Singh Thakur and FITTR community I am working mother I always try to eat healthy and stayed active but couldn’t get rid of the last fewpost pregnancy pounds! I am silent follower of FITTR since past 4 years. I used to go for jogging and even tried to stick on to the diet the possible ways I could. After losing all the hope I finally decided to try my luck on to get proper guidance under a coach. I enrolled under Ankitha Singh Thakur and rest I could say is beyond my expectations. I targeted for 5 kg weight loss and in just 12 weeks its 6.6 kg and still counting with only home workouts. Metrics: Starting weight: 64.6kg-58kg Waist- 86.36 to 68cm Hip- 101.6 to 92cm Ankita’s sessions really helped me unlearn a lot of bad habits which I thought throughout was key for being fit, and focus on strength training and quantified nutrition! She helped lot in sorting out my requirements, always alerted on diet charts and provided all possible resistance trainings which I could manage to do at home. I am hoping I could take all the learnings for lifelong and wishing you all happy fit life!

Akanksha Singh
22 Aug 2022

She is a very understanding coach. Makes the routine easy to maintain. Also the energy is very positive. I learnt the code to balanced diet. Body needs much lesser food than what we think and believe. Also consistency is the code - Ankita taught me that specifically. I am going to follow this all my life. Thank you Ankita.

Vishal Verma
13 Jul 2022

thank you so much for guiding me to the right direction, before fittr I was doing only cardio and spending most of the time on treadmill, eleptical and cycling. I had lost some weight but gained again. Then 3 months back I joined under proper coach for guidance. Followed all the diet and excercise plan and got visible results in 45 days only.. Now i dont want to skip gym... Proper diet and training plan is my top priority. she answered all my queries and helped me to get in proper shape.. Now my main objective is be consistent and I only concentrate on weight lifting, resistance training and some cardio.. Once again thank you trainer. 😊

Vinita Jani
10 Jun 2022

Thanks for your help. U are a great coach