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Amit Mishra
23 Apr 2023

I really feel blessed to have connected with Ankit as part of my fitness journey. he has helped me take my journey in the right direction and i have confidently extended the contract for a year with him at the end of my 12 week program because he has given me the confidence that I can achieve the dream physique i always thought is possible for only models and celebrities.. i am nowhere close to my final desired shape yet ( and i always knew it's not possible in 12 weeks as 12 weeks just give you a kick start) but I have come far enough such that now I can see and visualize myself being able to achieve what I want which was not at all possible before I had come under Ankit's guidance. below are some awesome qualities of him as a coach I found helped me come this far 1. He listened to me wholeheartedly and helped set realistic goals with sustainable plans to achieve the same. 2.He drafted the diet plan per my food preferences and schedule. 3. He continuously kept following up on the progress and made adjustments as required in regular intervals. I recommend him to anyone looking for a great coach cum mentor to change the lifestyles for a healthier and fitter future... Looking forward to work with him to get what I always could only dream about...thanks a lot Ankit.🙏

Ravi Kumar
27 Mar 2023

Its been 3 months I joined Fittr and enrolled under Ankit. I cannot imagine the progress I made under the guidance of my coach, Ankit. Enrolling under him was one my good decision as he is very responsive and reachable. He always tries to explain the science behind weight loss journey and the way body responds. I lost 7 kgs in just 3 months and would haven’t been possible without his guidance. I would really like to thank him for supporting me and listening to my queries. I feel so good shredding that extra pounds even after eating my favourite meals and cheat meals as well. I am very happy to have you as my coach.

Sanket Ghorpade
24 Mar 2023

Ankit has been a great mentor, very patient and made sure to adjust or create the meal plan as per my daily lifestyle. The workout routine has also been very helpful as sometimes I go to gym but not always and the routine was based on that. I started to see visible changes in just 2 weeks and I am really glad to train under him. I am 8 weeks in and I have reached from 19.5% fat to 17.9% fat so far and weight reached from approximately 70 to 66.5 as of now. I feel good in terms of energy as I can see the difference while playing sports where I am more active and energetic! Thanks Ankit for all the help 😊

Sachin Varma
20 Mar 2023

it has been a good journey so far with Ankit sir.the workout plan he gave is the best workout routines I have been following in my 6/7 yrs of gym experience. very helpful, easily available, understanding,very soft and claim guy.he has been a good mentor.but on my part I have not been a good student.very irregular in my diet.he always motivated and had faith in me so I enrolled again for next 12 weeks plan under him and this time we will do it.