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14 May 2023

Anjali is an outstanding coach - So disciplined herself that it gets to you regardless. I have listed down a few things about her that makes her one of the best coaches that fittr has: Professional: Anjali is always on time for calls and meetings, conducts detailed discussions and reviews performance thoroughly. She is motivating , instills discipline and is full of warmth Knowledgeable - knows what I need to eat and what i don’t, the workouts that I should do and the ones I shouldnt. Anjali is knowledgeable, not just on diet front, but greatly on health, and training front - Discussing exercise forms, muscular structure, their functions has really helped me to maximise my training results, prevent injuries and really really shape up. Its been only 3 months that I have started learning under Anjali, and I have already started receiving compliments on the positive changes in my body structure. Anjali, thank you for your in depth guidance. I know its a long road, but I can already see that with you I am going to be like never before.

Trupti Patel
02 May 2023

Anjali, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt thanks for all the support and guidance you've given me in developing a vegetarian meal plan that has made a significant difference in my life. Since I started working with you, I feel stronger and healthier than ever, and my A1C and cholesterol levels have improved considerably. Your knowledge of nutrition and fitness has been invaluable to me, and the personal attention you've given me has made all the difference in the world. Your tips and suggestions for cooking have made the meals enjoyable and satisfying, and I feel much more confident about what I'm eating and how it's affecting my health. Beyond that, your enthusiasm and encouragement have been a constant source of inspiration. I never would have thought that I could achieve this level of success on my own, but with your help, I feel like I'm capable of anything. Thank you so much for all that you've done for me, and I look forward to continuing my journey towards optimal health and wellness with you by my side.

Dr Puja Bansal
02 Sep 2022

Anjali Singh coach is excellent. It was like a dream to see myself getting transformed with right eating and fitness under her guidance. She has a solution to all my excuses. She gave me the right diet after understanding my needs which took a month. This perfect meal plan was so apt,that my sugar cravings totally vanished,i dont feel like eating out at all whether parties, weddings,or any 5 star restaurant. She shares recepies to make my meal tasty. I wait for her weekly calls. It charges me to give in my 💯.she is very systematic. Her day to day planner will keep u on track.she is the best mentor.yes but one needs to trust and follow her to see result. I can write endlessly all positive on my coach and am very very grateful to anjali mam . Thankyou for changing the concept of fitness which was a wild dream for me. Thankyou and feeling blessed .

Dr. Sarita Aurangabadkar
02 Aug 2022

Ms. Anjali Singh came across as a coach of my relative. When we started working she said we're a TEAM. That's how the journey began a year back. Following are the highlights of my fitness efforts under her keen supervision: 1.Loves her job, it's WE rather than I 2.Considers age, family, work and profession of the client 3. Professional approach, timely calls, going the extra mile when required 4. Grounded, motivating yet subtle communication which isn't over whelming. 5. During the journey I'd COVID 19 & one month long travel, was guided on maintaining consistency and perseverance 6. One amazing quality of Ms. Anjali is she's spot on in making judgment about diet, pain and the extent of exercise...which has worked wonders for me. Thank you Anjali for making me adapt to a better lifestyle, at an age which is 55+, not only loosing weight and inches. My strong recommendation to all towards making her a part of your journey too. Warm regards!!