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Manpreet Singh
10 Jun 2024

I needed somebody who can create a plan which I could manage with my long hours of work and also help me to recover from my wrist pain from past. Anant understood the situation very well. Created the plan and it worked for me. I was able to reduce weight and also started my journey towards more muscle mass. I would recommend him if you have a busy work routine or injury, he is the go to guy. Cheers!

01 Jun 2024

I had first taken a 12 week transformation plan as I didn't have much confidence in myself if I will have dedication and maintain discipline. I had been training under the guidance of Anant sir and the journey so far has been very rewarding. He understood my health conditions (heart defect, pulmonary hypertension and Pre-diabetic) and came up with a diet and exercise plan. He has been guiding me at every step and kept motivating me. Because of his constant support and guidance I have been able to lose 13kgs in 4 months. He inspired me to maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue it even after I achieve Target weight. I never thought that I could achieve such a transformation. This has inspired my whole family. Thank you so much Anant Sir for being a mentor in my new journey of a healthy lifestyle. You are awesome.

Prasad Gujjar
31 May 2024

I have been training with Anant Sharma from the past 6 months, he has a vast knowledge in diet plan and the gives great workout suggestions. He motivates when we derail from our plan. Without any skip he will will follows up Every week. Overall he is awesome!

Nikhil Gulati
30 May 2024

I have taken a 12 week transformation.The results have been amazing.the way he explains things are superb. It was a wonderful experience training under your guidance.You have motivated at each and every step.The way you have explained things are on a different level, i have never thought on this level.Deifinitely will try and be back in form after some time.I have enjoyed eating diet and ice creams under your diet. The calls that you take are not a formality of a call for few minutes but you try to explain the concepts every time. Thanks for being a terrific coach.