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Hey, this is Anant! * Expert level certified in nutrition and fitness by INFS * 2019 Champion in ICN Physique 30+ overall & ICN Physique Open Finalist * 2019 Runner Up in ICN Classic Physique (height category) * 12+ years of experience * 825+ client transformations till date (including self) I believe that each one of us are different and so are our goals (aesthetics, fat loss, general well being, competition/sports, et al). I therefore pay close attention to individual aspirations, activity levels, dietary preferences, lifestyle, stress levels, key health parameters and accordingly design tailor made and flexible nutrition/workout plans for consistent, sustainable, and optimum results for clients spanning across all age groups/genders. My small laundry list: - lifestyle hazards/medical conditions: yes (ex-obese, hypothyroid, ex-smoker, ex-drunkard) - sports injuries/mishaps: yes (suffered broken collarbone, hand & elbow injuries, labrum tear in both shoulders, lumbar disc herniation) - sedentary lifestyle: yes (2 demanding desk jobs - 14/16 hours stationary) - ageing: yes (37 - just apt for midlife crisis funnily) - family: yes (wife & daughter) - social obligations & other chores: yes (no escape from these of course :-P) My own transformation journey began when I reached almost 105 kgs along with Thyroid disorder. Despite being 35ish I brought it down to 77 kgs as well as overcame my Thyroid with the help of acquired knowledge, expert guidance, and sheer passion for fitness. Ever since then I took a solemn pledge to act as a catalyst, share my experience/learning, and facilitate many more such transformations in future. Of late, I've taken my physique to next level and bagged top placings at an international bodybuilding competition meant for natural athletes (2019 ICN India Super Show). This is not to boast but only to reinforce my sincerity and credence in making everyone around healthier and fitter perpetually. Still skeptical and thinking twice then I can reassure you of my commitment to remain reachable (fittr, watsapp, facebook, emails, calls), provide best service in terms of issues/queries, course corrections, motivation, and expert advice all throughout, and make it as enjoyable, smooth, and enriching experience as possible. Without further ado let's embark on this journey together and achieve what could become the best ever transformation of your life!!... Show more


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