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Antas Dwivedi
29 Apr 2023

I'm under the guidance of Anand for the last 2 months. In this time, I've lost over 7 kgs and 4 inches. He made sure that the diet plan is aligned to my habits and preferences. We connect weekly for our 1:1 , and I always found him encouraging in those. When I started, I had a lot of doubts around diet, fitness and exercise, Anand was able to clear all of those. Looking at the progress and benefits under his guidance, I've renewed my plan for another term. I'd highly recommend Anand for anyone looking to lose weight under an expert guidance. Thanks Anand, and great work!

Pallavi Chauhan
16 Apr 2023

I enrolled under Anand 4 months ago and it is with great pleasure and a gratefulness i am writing this review. Having lost close to 25 kilos last year on my own, i was stuck at a plateau and my weight refused to budge for almost 6 months. I joined with a lot of skepticism and had almost lost hope of making any progress because i was eating right and was almost eating below BMR because i thought i needed to eat less to make progress, working out at home diligently but nothing seemed to be working. Anand came as an angel in my life and has helped me look at fitness through a new lens altogether. The one person who could make me look beyond my body image issues and encourage me to join the gym, to encourage me to sleep better, eat more without starving myself. He has been proactive and very very supportive and has almost always answered my queries, tweaked my diet every week to suit my needs, sent me daily updates on how he manages food and recipes, constantly in touch to ask how i was doing, i actually found a friend in him with whom i could share my highs and lows. Being a toddler mom with no support, i have had my share of roadblocks and Anand has held my hand throughout. Finally my weight has moved and I've lost around 2 kilos and a few inches. It might not mean much for others, but for someone dealing with so much stress as i was when i joined him, it means the world to me. Thank you Anand and i promise to carry along the learnings you have imparted to me for life. You have no idea how you've touched my life. I am a happy, energetic and stress free person most days. I am able to live life without guilt and my energy levels are so much better since i joined you. To anyone looking for a mentor to hand hold you at the beginning of a new life, Anand is the person you need!

Samadarshini Pattnaik
22 Mar 2023

It's been almost 6+ months I have enrolled under Anand sir. He is an excellent and amazing coach,friend and guide to me. Someone who listens to all the queries and try to solve in his own style. Very much hardworking coach. In this tenure, he has brought discipline towards my lifestyle,more consciousness on how to manage the food intake and quantification on calories. well the journey has not yet ended.because the best version of me is coming soon🤐😁

22 Mar 2023

I came under guidance of Anand sir . he is always motivate and encourage me . he is best coach .