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Shreyans Mittal
29 Jun 2024

Coach Amogh has been the cornerstone of my transformation journey. His guidance and expertise have not only helped me lose weight but also reshaped my entire approach to health and fitness. From the outset, he corrected my posture, ensuring I exercised safely and effectively. His lessons on discipline were profound—he didn’t just tell me what discipline was but explained why it was crucial and how to incorporate it into my daily life. Amogh’s professionalism was evident in every interaction. He was always punctual, prepared, and dedicated to my progress. His structured approach and clear communication made it easy to follow the program and stay motivated. Amogh’s impact extended beyond fitness. His teachings motivated me to take care of my meals and become more independent. This new skill has significantly improved my contributions in the kitchen. My daily schedule is now more structured, my time management skills have sharpened, and my energy levels have surged, positively affecting both my professional and personal life. One of the most remarkable aspects of Coach Amogh’s approach is his ability to teach sustainability. I never felt like I had to put my life on hold to achieve my fitness goals. He taught me how to make healthy choices regardless of the setting—be it a holiday, a social gathering, or a busy workday. Amogh’s influence reaches beyond his direct mentees. The community he has built is filled with individuals who share his passion for health and fitness. I was often motivated by Amogh’s other mentees as well which created a supportive environment that was crucial for my success. In summary, Coach Amogh is not just a fitness coach; he is a life coach. His comprehensive approach has empowered me to lead a healthier, more balanced life, and for that, I am immensely grateful.

Siya Parashar
25 Jun 2024

Coach has not only been a guider and mentor for fitness but as well as wellness of one’s mind all together . When I first started with him , I was 15 going onto 16 , and the way he handled my teen years is very different than how most people would have . He listened to my issues and always gave me very practical advice even if the topic was completely irrelevant to fitness . He always makes sure to make his mentees independent and not dependent on him for their fitness and health decisions. He teaches about all the little things that one should keep in mind while working out that most people miss to even acknowledge. When it comes to diet , he makes sure you understand the importance of each micro and macro and how to incorporate them along with your favourite foods in proportion . Most importantly, he teaches accountability . He is a person who genuinely cares and understands his mentees and works with them for a better and healthy lifestyle! I cannot thank him enough for what he’s done for me and how well he has helped and handled me during stressful times . Cannot recommend him enough ! Thank you , coach !

Shivani Bajaj
23 Jun 2024

In the past few years,I have lost 11kg weight . This transformation has not only improved my physical appearance but also significantly boosted my confidence. I would like to thank my trainer and coach Mr Amogh for his guidance but most importantly the way he explained to me about nutrition and body functioning.His analogy of life and fitness were something that improved my perspective of life .Most importantly , Amogh made me fall in love with Weightlifting again (I had lost confidence earlier due to my surroundings who always keep telling that weightlifting is not for a women) .His support is incredible- he is always available just a message or call away .He first understands your lifestyle thoroughly and then customises the diet in a way that you don’t even feel like you are on a diet. In this journey of 3 years , I have learnt that weight loss is a marathon ,not a sprint. There were moments when I slipped off track ,but Amogh was always there to motivate me and keep me accountable. This transformation is just the beginning. I now understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an ongoing journey and I am committed to continue this path with the lessons I have leaned and confidence I have gained. Thank you Amogh!

Swapnil Bhalekar
21 Jun 2024

I have been incredibly fortunate to have Amogh as my fitness coach for the past 24 months, and the experience has been transformative. Amogh’s expertise in both nutrition and fitness is unparalleled. He taught me everything I know, breaking down complex concepts into manageable and actionable steps. His guidance has completely changed my approach to health and wellness. What truly sets Amogh apart is his genuine care and concern for his clients. In a world where it sometimes feels like no one is paying attention, Amogh always takes the time to check in on me. His consistent support and thoughtful questions about my well-being have been a source of great comfort and motivation. It's clear that he cares deeply about his clients, not just as trainees , but as individuals. Amogh’s professionalism is evident in every interaction. He is always punctual, prepared, and focused on my progress. His dedication to his craft and to his clients is inspiring. Whether it's a tough workout session or a discussion about nutrition strategies, Amogh is always encouraging and supportive, pushing me to achieve my best. Thanks to Amogh, I have seen significant improvements in my fitness and overall health. My energy levels are higher, I feel stronger, and I have developed a much healthier relationship with food. Amogh’s holistic approach has not only helped me achieve my fitness goals but has also positively impacted my mental and emotional well-being. I cannot recommend Amogh highly enough. If you are looking for a fitness coach who is knowledgeable, professional, and genuinely cares about your success, Amogh is the perfect choice. He has been more than a coach; he has been a mentor and a friend. Thank you, Amogh, for everything you’ve done for me.