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jigar patel
24 May 2023

it was a Fantastick 24 weeks health journey with Amit. must say Amit has made it very easy to follow the routines and have always been accommodative in creating meal and fitness plan. I am feeling much energised and accomplished, all thanks to Amit. Amit is very professional in his approach and understands the need for his clients. Amit has always provided that motivation I needed to get my health back on track. have not only lost that fat around the body but also have started gaining muscle and feeling extremely confident. Amit has an excellent structured approach when it comes to getting you back to routine and stepping on to a health journey. Amitbhai, thank you very much for showing me my potential and giving me a healthy lifestyle.

Sanya Virani
04 Apr 2023

Amit is a great personal trainer! He is very responsive to messages and changing diet plans/fitness plans as needed. He is really good at explaining concepts about fitness as well! Would definitely recommend you to start personal training with Amit!

Chankey Gidwani
19 Mar 2023

Feeling good, as completed first 3 months , FITTR journey,n dint even realised. Generally, fitness journey with diet, we assume must b boring n tough. But My coach Amit Lalwani, made it look really easy to go with.. Have lost 9 kgs in 3 months . N credit goes to Amit sir.., Thanx sir, for motivating n pushing forward to reach close to my goals daily.. Looking forward to continue,to get desired results .... Thnx,Amit sir 😊🙌

Aaditi nankani
13 Dec 2022

It was really a great experience. Diet always meant to me as boring and not eating my fav foods but, when i started my nutrition journey with Amit the whole scenario changed of dieting. Thank you amilt for your guidance.