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Strength and Conditioning
Piyush Gupta
28 Feb 2023

When i was deciding to actually begin with work out, I was quite a lot puzzled as to how to begin with. I went in through loads of data available on the net and was able to finally understand that the minimal requirements were with the calisthenics . Post that the next challenge included finding an appropriate coach. Luckily I found Amit, we had a small conversation and he was patient enough to address to each and every concern of mine. In the beginning as usual, I used to think as to when the plan will get over. It was his continuous motivation that made me do push ups from 0 reps to 14 reps and progress continues. He has understood all my emotional ups and downs and made me clear of the mental block by continuously reminding me what my goals were in the beginning. He continuously strives to make me be more and more polished in my movements making each day a progress in its own small period. I strongly recommend Amit to everyone who wants to level up their fitness or if you’re someone who wants to start your fitness journey Thanks a ton Amit

Apra Prabha
02 Feb 2023

Amit is the best...simply the best. I am not being dramatic or extra-appreciative of him...just saying straight fact. He has helped me master skills and build strength in just 6 months that i had been trying for more than 2 years on my own. He understands his clients pace, goals and strength to designs the program accordingly. In personal training there is no template that would fit all and he understands it. His focus is to always master the basics...and i aligned to all his instructions and now very often i have been surprised to what my body can do, in angles it can move, the minutes i can hold a pose. He is punctual and gives undiverted attention during the session. The best thing about him is that he will help you set realistic goals and work with you as hard. I am grateful to have found him and i look forward to our journey ahead coach. Cheers to making everything easy...

Mithun Krishnan
25 Jul 2022

Amit has been extremely good to work. He is passionate and knowledgeable and easy to work with. The fact that he explains each exercise, the impact it does and the importance of the exercise makes it more interesting. He puts so much importance in doing each exercise in correct form and that has enormous impact on your fitness journey. If it’s Calisthenics, he is your true friend.

Abhijeet Anand Singh
27 Jun 2022

Your search ends here. I had several thoughts before I joined and now I am in complete peace of mind that I choose right. You will not just learn Calisthenics but you will explore the inner strength of mind and body. He will inform in detail about the exercise or movements that will help you understand the functionality of it. He will count your reps and motivate you during your exercise. He will correct you and give more variation if you are still unable to perform it well. I am getting more than what I have hoped and asked for. This is going to be a long journey.