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29 Jan 2023

Amee is really awesome coach to start your fitness journey with. She is an inspiration herself. You realize this not just by reading her fitness journey but how she helps to carve your journey. I had my 6 months journey with her. She was with me during my Covid and other medical reasons. She was guiding me every step of the way. You tell her your goal and she will be with you. When I join fittr again, I would really like to resume my journey with her. And that being said I would definitely recommend her and especially to every girl or a mom out there. You will find every food, exercise and phone call tailored as per your requirements. Ask her questions and she will be happy to answer them. She will help you with exercise and nutrition, but she also adds her own touch to this platform. Even though you will go through hundreds of reviews, at the end of your program, you will have your own unique experience to share with everyone else. Just writing doesn’t do justice. Talk to her and you will know. Thank you Amee. You know how much I have appreciated talking to you but I would like to express it on this medium as well. Wish you the very best!!!

Kajal Jain
15 Nov 2022

Thanks Amee . Absolutely apt plan and it’s perfectly working for me . You put in a lot of effort and keep in touch all the time .

Avanee Trivedi
28 Oct 2022

Amee has been a great coach. She has been making sure that I stick to my plan no matter what circumstances. I have still got a long way to go but these initial weeks itself I realised what a great choice I made and I will stick with my plan because it is super simple and easy to follow and I can eat all my favourite foods without any guilt at all. She has ensured that I am not deprived of any nutrition or I don't skip my workouts irrespective of my busy schedule. She has been making sure that I stay on track with the program and she is highly approachable and has a great understanding of the science behind fat loss. Thank you so much and I am highly recommending her for anyone who is looking to get into a healthy life style.

26 Oct 2022

very efficient and supportive coach.she understands on an individual level and designs the plan accordingly.i am looking forward to continuing my journey with her.