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Sherin Rahman
18 Jan 2024

Aman is a great coach and has helped me get into fitness and weight training. He has very carefully tailored my diet and training plan along with frequent progress check-ins. The program helped me in realizing the need for healthy and mindful eating habits. very grateful for the tips he gave regarding the weight training as well.Looking forward to be consistent and improving myself.

Amit Kumar Sinha
30 Nov 2023

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my coach for his guidance. He has not only helped me transform my physical health but has also been a constant source of motivation from the time I am working with him. The emphasis on sustainable programs has made the journey enjoyable, ensuring I stay committed for the long term. The flexibility we had to incorporate into the plans based on my hectic schedule of hospital duty as a doctor, coupled with consistent efforts from both me and my coach to achieve the best has allowed me to reach this far in my journey. The motivational push has been a driving force, pushing me beyond my perceived limits. What sets his coaching apart is the personal touch. He truly understood my needs and tailored the approach accordingly. This holistic approach has not only resulted in noticeable physical changes but has also positively impacted my overall well-being. I'm grateful for his expertise and the positive impact it had on my fitness journey. Looking forward to achieving more in the coming months.

Gautam Nair
28 Nov 2023

I'm delighted to share my feedback about my coach Amandeep. I started training under him in November 2022 and we had an unbelievable transformation within 5 months, thanks to his well crafted workout plan and a flexible diet along with alternatives which was simple, effective and rewarding. There were times when I was struggling and couldn't follow the routine properly, but he was always there motivating me which kept me going. Amandeep is also an excellent communicator. He was always available to answer my questions, provide guidance on nutrition and offer advice to keep me on track. Enrolling to train under him was one of the best decisions that I made as he also transformed my mindset and made me confident. I'm immensely grateful for his support throughout this journey.

Nikesh Kumar
19 Sep 2023

My mid-way journey from Fat to Fit. Initial Weight - 92 kg Final Weight - 80 kg Time taken - 12 weeks Prior Lifting Experience- 4 years I am so glad to share my progress today. I started my journey 4 years ago without much knowledge about the diet and exercise. With some information collected from the internet, I planned my diet and exercise which i followed through for the most part of my journey. Like any another beginner, I saw great results in my body after I started and kept seeing good results for almost a year. But after that, I stopped seeing much improvements in my body and that led me to a mental state where I started eating a lot of junk food on daily basis. My relationship with food kept getting worse with time. However, I kept my workouts on point all this while and thanks to that, I was able to build and preserve a lot of muscle during that period. At this time, I started feeling a little embarrassed about my body shape as I was nearing 100 kg. I decided to change my physique for good. I have known my Coach Amandeep Pandey from a long time. I reached out to him with the goal I had in mind. He counselled me and laid out a plan to regain control over my eating habits as well achieve the desired physique in the process. Once I started, I gave my 100% in following the plans. I started seeing positive results within the first week itself. That motivated me even more to achieve my goals and with my Coach's support I kept getting better week by week. As I am a student and a part time Personal Trainer, my Coach perfectly understood my limitations with time and finances. He helped me plan my workouts and diet as per my schedule which immensely helped me with being able to stay consistent with the routine and achieve desired results. I couldn't have done it without him. Lastly, I would like to tell everyone that irrespective of what situation we are in, we can always take a step ahead towards a better future.