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Amandeep Pandey


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Feel free to drop a message to schedule a call if you would like to discuss about your goals/medical history before enrolling into the transformation program. I work with individuals in various time zones. I specialize in General Well-being, Fat-loss, Transformation, Strength and Conditioning, Bodybuilding, and Sports Nutrition. Hi, I am Amandeep Pandey, I am a certified nutrition and fitness consultant by INFS, and I have been into natural bodybuilding and modeling since past 6 years. I started my journey in my first year of engineering with the whole and sole aim of getting stronger as I had always been on the leaner and weaker side. Less did I know back then about the massive impact of getting the shape we want our bodies to look like, can have on our social, professional, and personal life. To me now, fitness is very subjective. I have trained individuals having wide arena of professional and personal needs. The definition of “fit and healthy” can vary from person to person. It can range from competing in a professional show to just increasing performance in daily life. Through my years of experience in fitness, I have learnt to cater the best possible way to meet the needs of individuals with variety of goals, be it a highly stressful desk job, someone living in a hostel with almost no access to a kitchen or a home-maker who’s on foot all day long, looking for a customized plan and guidance to get fit. I believe no matter what your profession is and how less time you get for yourself, there is always a room that can be created with a right guide by your side, who knows how to make a sustainable plan to achieve your fitness goals. Educational Background:- 1. Expert Level (Nutrition and Fitness) Certification from INFS. 2. Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics (2022-2024).... Show more


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