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Dr Ambili M T
05 Apr 2024

Me and my husband have been training under Aman since Jan 2023.That was the best decision I ever made till date.He is always on time. He pushes our limit so beautifully that we won't feel the pain of pushing it.He corrects our form of doing each work out so well. He is a very knowledgeable person. He train us in such a way that, we won't feel like missing the sessions.He imparted lot of ideas and knowledge to me about the work out.He is very friendly but that is never compromised on the form and and repetitions.Thank you so much Aman for making me understand my inner strength.My muscles gained strength.And I owe u for the healthy and pain free ME .I very strongly recommend Aman as a Coach.Take my words u won't regret for sure👍☺️

Anand Venugopal
05 Apr 2024

Me & my wife started training with Aman from Jan 2023. We ve been working out under his guidance for over 16 months now. I ve started my fitness journey since 2016 and had many PT coaches. They were all offline coaches and I was highly apprehensive to opt for online coaching. But after starting our workout journey with him I found it to be more effective and fruitful compared to my previous coaches. Aman - He is a gem of a person. He is always pleasant and is always on time. No leave or off day other than sat and Sunday. He ll surely be there on what ever festivals or holidays . Highly professional in his work. If he happened to take any leave on any particular day (if at all) he ll make sure to compensate it on next Saturday Workout - He has got a tailor made workout schedule for each of us according to our strength,weakness and adaptability. He was able to correct the form of each workout based on what he sees in his mobile phone the feedback and Target muscle, that was just amazing. I ll surely recommend him to anyone who wants a pt coach.

26 Feb 2024

I was a fitness noob when I started this fitness journey with Aman as my coach and it has been nothing less than a game changer for me. Aman's disciplined approach and his meticulously planned workout has helped me take my fitness to the next level. I have improved strength and stayed injury free thanks to Aman's attention to detail and his constant guidence. I have been already training with for 5 months already and hoping to continue this journey with him in the future as well.

Binish Varghese
21 Feb 2024

The ABCs of having Aman as your trainer. He A: is Always on time B: Builds your physical wellbeing by challenging you to achieve your health goals C: Clear and effective communication The 2 months with Aman has helped me to be consistent with my gym visits and build a healthy, enjoyable relationship with my workouts. He has the makings of a true coach, patiently listens and gives feedback. Keen observer and strict on getting the form of every workout right. He does his best to accommodate the unexpected work demands and change in timings. Thank you Aman, for all the support and guidance . I now see gym not as a place I must visit for weight loss but, as a place I go everyday to see me becoming a better version of myself. SB