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priyanshi gupta
08 Sep 2023

Started my weight gain journey with Akshay some months back. I was a beginner and just made up my mind to focus on fitness. When you are just starting with something new it is very important to keep things simple and have small achievable goals, Akshay made sure of that. His diet plans and home workout plans were very simple and it didn't feel like it was a very big change to my lifestyle. Keeping fitness simple and making you believe that your goal is achievable is his USP :) Would highly recommend him if you are a total beginner and don't know what to do but wants to bring a change to your health and fitness.

27 Aug 2023

I have known Akshay for the longest time ever. He is an amazing human being, superb friend, and an incredible trainer. With Akshay one thing you can always bank on is that, you may miss something, but he will not- he is very thorough, patient and understanding with an immense knowledge of his field. The wellness coaching provided was truly transformative. Akshay’s guidance was both insightful and motivating, helping me set and achieve realistic goals. As a new mom, he ensured that my plan worked according to my needs and goals, he understood my issues around time management, and created a plan just fit for me. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking positive lifestyle changes. You go my friend! God bless you always!!! ❤️🙏

Deepanshu Nirmal
06 Aug 2023

Enrolling under Akshay Bhai 35 days ago was one of the best decisions of my life. His dedication and expertise have been a game-changer on my fitness journey.I have lost 6kg weight in these 35 days and body fat also came down from 25.3% to 17.5%. Thanks for pushing me to surpass my limits. Your support and guidance is very helpful on this journey. Still a long way to go. I am grateful for your encouragement and the positive impact you've had on my life. You are the true champion behind my progress. Thanks for transforming me from a lazy sleeper to an energetic person.

Shikhar Chopra
24 Jul 2023

Akshay is an incredible trainer and exceptionally professional yet kind, patient and understanding. I have been training under him since 2 months and already seen drastic changes in my body composition and still long way to go. He has the capacity of changing things up with the diet and making the workout interesting from time to time. He has the right combination of push and encouragement and is very adaptive to the individual needs. His vast knowledge helped me to understand that fitness is a long term investment to lead a healthy lifestyle. He is the "BEST" in what he do , so definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to start their fitness journey as he will make it much simpler and adventurous at the same time. God bless you brother 👏💪