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Kavitha Praveen
18 May 2023

I have been following this platform for a couple of yrs and the transformations were very inspiring. I decided to give it a try . I had gone through diets and weightloss programs earlier but put all the weight back and a bit more when I stopped. So this time I was very cautious about what kind of nutrition plan I would follow and wanted something sustainable. My fittr journey with Akshay Desai has been very informative and satisfying. He has been extremely understanding about my pre menopause issues along with my thyroid condition. My weak knees and tennis elbow posed a challenge to do regular workouts. He tailored a workout that was very doable with my medical conditions. The calorie planning and quantified meals not only helped me with weight loss but also helped me understand my body better. He has been a constant guide and support throughout this 6 months journey. Very encouraging and motivating when the going got hard. Thank you so much Akshay for helping me through this journey every single day and a big thanks to Fittr platform for guiding so many of us and encouraging us to lead a healthy lifestyle. I would definitely recommend Akshay and will be reaching out to him again soon.

Aniket Salunke
09 Mar 2023

Akshay sir is amazing, he's a person whom you can trust on a daily call! He will guide you in detail with the nutritional values of a product or meal and also explain you how it will be beneficial for your health. I was a sports person before but never took my diet seriously but Kudos!! To Akshay sir who made me fall in love with healthy food and also put me in a lifetime habit of checking the nutritional value of meals I'm taking. He also guided me while I was sick! He really puts one step extra for us being healthy and fitttr. Highly recommended go for it he's the best! 😁💪🏼

Swanand Anandgaonkar
07 Mar 2023

amazing person and coach.. I am so thankful to fittr for suggesting me correct person as a coach.. he's a friend more than a coach who gives you the knowledge in simple language and you can tell him if you have gone off the path sometimes.. he will make sure that you get back to routine.. he doesn't let you quit even if you feel so sometimes.. he keeps you going.. I personally feel that you will get a coach with knowledge easily but Akshay is not only knows fitness but he takes care of your consistency.. he'll smoothly change your lifestyle without you realizing.. my diet plan is so cool that I really don't feel like I am doing something different.. about workout 100/100 for his workout plans.. guys, even if you make mistakes, tell him, he'll take care of it.. IN SIMPLE WORDS - HE'S THE ONE YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR..

Shubhangi Wankhede
16 Feb 2023

such a patient coach!! Akshay is a great motivator. his way of explaining things in a calm way is his positive point. I am happy to share my fitness journey under the coaching of akshay. I highly recommend him. he is kind and supportive. thanks akshay!