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Hi Ajay Vishwakarma here, the INFS certified coach. I have transformed and guided several individuals and given them the results which they had ever dreamed for , so please checkout the transformation pictures in the next tab. Fitness is my passion and this is where I like to invest my most of the time, training people guiding them and answering all their queries ,I used to be an IT engineer for around 6 years and now I am investing all the time with my clients. I joined fittr as a coach 3 years back in sep 2017 and have given it all overall I have 4.5 years of experience into fitness industry and in this period I have specialized myself in providing flexible fitness and nutrition plans for the people who have the spark to get transformed i.e. from being normal to exceptional. In last two year I have transformed myself from being an average guy to lean muscular guy with 6 pack abs. I believe in fitness and I can say transforming yourself is the beginning of a new life. I have even coached the TC.4 winner and also one of my client was ranked 2nd in ICN body building 2019. Specialized and experienced in handling the Thyroid, PCOD, Diabetes cases. I have also helped few of my clients to get PCOD/PCOS Thyroid and levels to normal. Also got the diabetic guys to get rid of insulin and other medicines and maintain healthy lifestyle. To me fitness is not a hobby it's a lifestyle, so just hold the vision and trust the progress. If I can do it, even you can. So lets begin the journey today, and get ready for a new life.... Show more


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