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Ajay Pal Singh


About Me

Hi, I am Ajay Pal Singh. I am a Certified Nutrition and Fitness Consultant from Institute of Nutrition & Fitness Science. I specialize in fat loss, muscle gain & general well-being. To me fitness is to get back to our normal state and normal can never be a temporary quick fix. It must be for life long. I believe most of us were born with good health & as we grow up, external influences, sedentary lifestyle & bad food relationship drift us from our normal healthy state. The good news is that getting back there is not as difficult as it appears. My bounce back journey from multiple health issues relating to major pulmonological disorders, severe gut issues, back pains to a fitness freak, running full marathons and getting shredded at 50 has taught me that we are nothing but magic. Just need some self-belief, guidance and that first step to unleash the same. I believe in educating my clients for life. Creating customised diet and workout plans for them is just a beginning. There was a time when I was confused on how to start, had self-doubts, felt old, lacked dedication & had failed numerous times due to busy schedule. If you are sailing in the same boat, welcome aboard and start your journey to achieve your fitness dreams with me – your health coach – APS.... Show more


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