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Jasjeet Singh
19 Feb 2024

I partnered with Agrim ji for my goal to change my physique to athletic lean body in Feb 2023. It has been a year and we have come so far because of Agrim ji’s guidence and persistent motivation to keep me on track during the whole process. Some of the things that make Agrim different to usual coaches are: 1. He is very well mannered and knows how to discuss what and when to keep you motivated on your fitness journey 2. He is very punctual and persistent with regular checkin calls. I might have missed a call or 2 in a year but he never missed any calls. 3. Agrim knows my goals and doesn’t push his own assumptions. Agrim is also a keen listener he will listen to each and every word, assess carefully and then give you ideas or plans. It is a great quality to listen and then react. I hope to keep continuing my fitness journey with him for rest of the year. Thanks, Jas

31 Jan 2024

Agrim bhaiya has been a game changer for my physique and mindset. he has alot of skills that a trainer needs to have. he is more like a big brother to me rather than a coach. He is the best coach but yeah if he is super close to you , he is a great friend and brother. thank you so much for inspiring me so much and helping me transform my mindset and physique. working with him is very simple , he makes things sustainable and simple. a very great coach with great energy and he is very humble. thank you so much bhaiya for the training.

Ujjwal Kumar
12 Jan 2024

Agrim has not only succeeded being an amazing coach but also an amazing human being, he's humble and polite and his way of teaching and making me understand the basics of every aspect of losing weight was phenomenal, Apart from that the training he tailored for me was perfect in terms of diet and exercise given my lifestyle. im 5 months in at the time of writing this and has already been down from 92 to 83.9 all thanks to Agrim, theres still a long way to go but im pretty sure Agrim will help me get there. I would specially talk about how he has helped me look at things differently and how what you eat and put in your body affects you and that how exercising is just as important. Thank you!

Tejeshwar Singh
12 Jan 2024

Agrim is very polite and understanding. He has helped me in not only reducing weight but took care of my mental health too. His plan was a perfect mix exercises and yoga which did help in both physical and mental well being. I've been under multiple coaches, all were good but Agrim showed an extra care towards his clients. So thumbs up for that. Highly recommended if anyone is looking to enroll under him.