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ranjana jungesh
23 Sep 2023

Aditya is a great coach . who keeps you on track with regular check-ins . he has great knowledge of this science . I was able to shed 5 to 6 Kgs with his plans .

Rupali Khandave
22 Sep 2023

Hello, I'm Rupali, and I completed a 12-week transformation program with Aditya. During this journey, I managed to shed 10kg and many inches thanks to his guidance, unwavering support, and constant motivation. Aditya was consistently there for me whenever I needed assistance. Even during moments when I felt less satisfied with my progress, he patiently explained things to ensure I grasped them. One of the most valuable lessons I learned from Aditya was to embrace my body and adopt a sustainable lifestyle change that I continue to maintain. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Aditya for his exceptional coaching and support.

Kunal Yadav
15 Sep 2023

I want to express my deep appreciation for Aditya's coaching. He has been an incredible source of motivation and discipline throughout my fitness journey. Aditya's ability to keep me on track, adjust my plan as needed, and actively listen to my concerns has been invaluable. Thanks to his guidance, I've experienced significant positive changes, including a 15kg weight loss. I recently renewed my plan with Aditya and am excited to continue this journey together. His support has truly been life-changing, and I am grateful to have him as my coach.

Archana hiraskar
14 Sep 2023

I enrolled under Aditya after reading his testimonials and it was best decision of my life. I lost almost 12 kg under his guidance in 6 months which I couldn't have done it alone. Aditya is quite strict but yet supportive. Very patient and explains any query in detail. He guided me how manage diet specially during Travel..He never kept me on too low calories... He was there whenever i had any doubt, motivated me, always checked randomly how are things going. He explained how lifestyle changes and consistency are more important.. Excellent coach...Thank you so much Aditya and Fittr..