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Vishesh Tiwari
03 Jun 2023

Thank you so much Aditya sir, for being an amazing mentor. You understood my goals and limitations right from the beginning, and you created a plan that helped me achieve my dream goal of having six-pack abs. But you didn't stop there. You went above and beyond by providing continuous followups including diet, workout sleep, water. regular check-ins on my progress, have played a crucial role in keeping me motivated and accountable. Coach Aditya, you are not just a fitness coach to me. You are a mentor and an inspiration. I want to express my gratitude for changing my life and helping me become the best version of myself. I'm excited to continue this incredible journey with you, knowing that together we will achieve even greater milestones. ūüí™

Reema Singh
30 May 2023

Aditya is an excellent coach. He consistently keeps monitoring you. He is extremely supportive. Without fail he will keep a track whether you are following your diet and exercise properly. He patiently listens to you and will constantly motivate you. I was never consistent with my diet and exercise and so Aditya made it a point to motivate me and make me follow it without fail. The variations he provides in my diet is just amazing. I never felt as if I am dieting. In 3 months I lost 8 kgs. Thank you so much Aditya for being so patient with me.

28 May 2023

Aditya is a great coach , and someone who is invested in your journey. He patiently listens to you , gives you his time as well as is responsive when you try to reach out to him . He helped me prepare a sustainable diet plan which I enjoy and it doesn’t really feel that you are missing out on something .

Riteka Taneja
27 May 2023

When I first began my fitness journey four months ago, I wasn't sure which coach I  should sign up with.I am really delighted and  proud of myself today for selecting coach Aditya. He is the best mentor a mentee could wish for. a fantastic mentor who is kind, encouraging,  patient, and always accessible to answer  questions. He never stops encouraging you and frequently monitors your development. I've lost close to 8 kg in the past four month,  which has made me even more motivated to  reach my ideal physical and mental state.All  thanks to  this angelic guide. Sincere appreciation and gratitude to you, coach