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Sagnik Chattopadhyay
05 May 2023

Amazing journey with Aditya. So accommodating and at the same time, extremely experienced. Lucky to have him in my health journey.

Hitesh Menghwani
29 Mar 2023

It has been a very fulfilling and satisfactory transformation journey with Aditya as my coach. I started with a goal to be shredded, and now I feel that I have achieved my goal. It would not have been possible had I not enrolled under Aditya. Truly one of the best decisions I took for myself. He is very knowledgeable and was always very prompt in his replies. He regularly followed up with me and made sure that I am not deviating from my plan. That accountability was crucial for me in following the plan without many hiccups.

Savita Bhosekar
02 Jan 2023

Hi Aditya, Thanks a lot for your patient guidance and support extended over the last 10 months. Both Achyut and I have achieved weight reduction and now follow a healthier diet plan towards further fitness. It was kind of difficult for us to believe that we could manage this.. but I think it was possible only with your regular supervision and encouragement. Thanks a ton..

Priyanka Kamra
29 Sep 2022

Hi aditya Thank you so much for understanding my needs and helping me to reduce weight and teaching me how important is to live in a healthy way.. You have been very patient and a down to earth person.. Thank you for answering my queries every time. I will definitely enrol again in few months. Highly recommended..