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19 May 2023

Hey coach 😊 I am 52 year of age but Aditi treat’s me like 25 for her no excuses due to age and i like it , I am always fitness freak person from beginning I do yoga ,gymming,cycling ,walking always One of my family friend was doing this program from Bala I was shock seeing him he introduced me to FITTR app and ask me to go through it . He was very much sure that I should do it as I was wishing for myself will get from here . It took me two to three months to convince myself and family that I can do it as you all know in starting everyone said u don’t need ,u are perfect ,what all u are doing is best . But with help of friend he introduced me to Aditi as he knew because of Bala and he said she is gud As everyone has back of mind few questions and main I use to think all this programs are for young ppl 😄 will she take me seriously 😒 will I be able to do what all she will tell 😬 I had talk with her before enrolling told her my concerns she asked me about any health issue and she made me realise we will do it and showed me confidence and made my decision more in pipe line to do it Our 12 week program started in March ✌️she guided me in every steps told me about everything how to do measurement of body and food and use to ask me to make vedio’s of my workout and she use to discuss with me and correct me if I am doing wrong 😑 she was always punctual in weekly calls and asking me any doubts and use to clear-any issue I have use to be sometime firm in her tone if i misbehaved in week 😜 she always use to mail and ask about how week in going Sonia ji 😄 as she addresses me As Aditi says nt to measure weight see inches loss I was 33 in waist and now on 12 week it’s 29 very happy with the progress and hard work she is putting on me As she said to me in phone call now our SECOND chapter will start from next week feel 💪 and now I will be able to see results in myself and MY COACH i just want to say 🙏 THANK YOU 😊 Let’s get set go 💪

Sairam Ruthvik
21 Mar 2023

She was good with following up on diet and progress, however, her coaching style is typical middleclass Indian parenting style that comes with lack of listening and consideration for individual needs. I understand her commitments, but she appeared to be always traveling with background noise, which never seemed engaging and she was always in a hurry like she has to catch the next bus to home. Her coaching style and approach did not work well for the me, so I stopped my training with her after 5 weeks.

Varun Tuli
11 Mar 2023

Results: Starting weight 110kgs, 4 months, reduced 15 Kgs, gained lot of energy, confidence and improved performance at work and yes the good old looks. Distractions: Attended big fat wedding full of delicious food, social gatherings, personal & work travel and parties. Wishful thinking made to put into action with guidance, mentorship, education and consistent check-ins. Journey: Over 10 years I continued to consider and then every time I had put it on a back burner about going back to the gym to give my health a priority. The schedule never allowed and there seemed no scope of going to the gym. Aditi found all of the above as normal and the only guidance was to give atleast 45 mins 4-5 days in a week for workout at home with basic stuff. That immediately sounded possible. Quantifying food for every meal seemed a little strange at the start. Tips and pro-hacks from Aditi came to rescue again. It is much simpler than we think. Coach: Aditi is extremely professional and very knowledgeable on how to help individuals get on with the fitness journey. She respects the constraints and your emotional state as an individual. Very patient to answer questions and identify the dilemma to give a glimpse of the overall experience in the future. She checks in very consistently and is flexible in her approach. Highly recommend to anyone who thinks getting back in shape won’t be possible for you. Speak to Aditi & follow her advice for a reality check. :)

Laxmi Poojitha
15 Feb 2023

I have been working with Aditi since Nov 2022. She is an excellent trainer. I had a very different concept of weight loss journey which is mostly on the negative side, but she made me understand that the journey can be enjoyable. She has always been patient to listen to my all the concerns and answered them very clearly.Thank you Aditi Highly recommend her!!