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Aditi Gupta


About Me

Hi, I am Aditi Gupta, a business analyst by profession and a fitness enthusiast by passion.I started my journey in early 2013 and started with weight training officially in 2015.Fitness and nutrition have been always been a very crucial part of my life.The time in adolescence when most girls wanted to be as skinny as possible I used to think how I want to look in my 20’s and 50’s (Fit and sassy).I always wanted to live a life where I can actually live this statement of “age is just a number” and I am happy I am living this statement each day. When I started my journey people around me mocked, raised their brows bullied reacted why I am even starting I don't need to do anything as I was already fit (that's what they think) but deep inside I knew I need a change both physically and mentally. Coming from a big fat Baniya family where food is life and girls are advised to eat as less as possible.I decided to do something which no one has ever done in my family.I stepped into a gym and decided to make some muscles and since than thriving each day.Now something about how I can I help you in your journey. I am an INFS certified fitness professional and also undergoing a course in nutrition and life sciences from an internationally recognized institute.I totally understand that every individual's needs and requirements are different, that is why I focus on building customized plans according to your individual requirements, schedule and preferences so that fitness can become an enjoyable part of your life, not a burden.I would love to share my knowledge, expertise, and passion with you and now it is your turn to take that first step to transform yourself.... Show more


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